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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sues1, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. sues1

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    We have talked on this before, I will have to find it if I can.

    I will start chemo on Monday. Dr. told me to avoid raw veggies and if I use such for cooking to throughly clean them......very well. Raw veggies because of stomach upset, cleaning well because of bacterias.

    She spoke that there is a product on our grocery store shelfs that some have used. I have heard of it and will check it out.

    So I have to avoid all the bacteria and germs and such, during chemo sessions.

    Any hints out there on such?

    Thanks and Blessings..............Susan
  2. joyfully

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    Hi. I've recentlyhad radioactive iodine for thyroid cancer. I got a horrible case of fungual overgrowth throughout my body. I don't know if chemo does the same???

    They told me to avoid sugar, flour, and yeast. Well, guess what I had been making because I had to be on a very low iodine diet prior to this procedure---BREAD!

    I think I've read that you should have any dental issues taken care of before chemo.

    I think I also read somewhere to mix 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide with either a quart or a gallon of water---and wash veggies and fruits in this to get rid of pesticides/etc.

    I'd also get a large size Purell or other hand sanitizer AND the travel size bottle so you can put it in your pocket.

    One of the most important times to make sure you use Purell is when you have been in a medical building. Allof those sick people are using the same door handles, the same buttons on the elevator, etc. I actually keep a container of antibacterial pull-up disposable wipes in my car.

    I'm sending you a soft hug. Joy
  3. sues1

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    I have been reading the book on eating during the chemo sessions.......they mention sandwiches....only as if you feel to sick to eat all at ince, to cut in 4s and eat a little of it during the day as you can.

    But somewhere I do think sugars were mentioned. I can eat bread when I can not eat other I hope I can eat it. I will study this more, I planned to anyhow. I have bread maker and enjoy it. But have not ben doing that for a while.

    I better check on my one tooth, I will call them tomorrow on it, as chemo starts Monday.

    Thanks for all.......I hope you are doing okay after all your iodine treatments,,,,
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  4. joyfully

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    Hi. Me again. This article isn't about cleaning veggies, it has more to do with follow-up chemo related issues.

    you may want to scan it. i dont' know if this is your first round of chemo or not. My brain is only functioning at around 15% capability----

    I think this web site also lists numerous anti-nausea medications .
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  5. jmq

    jmq New Member

    Just wanted to send a little healing hugs your continue to be in my prayers. Hope the chemo goes smoothly and quickly...

  6. sues1

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    I was at Wally World earlier (Walmart) and spoke to produce mgr. He showed me a product that they already had in the produce is...VEGGIE WASH..all natural and made in USA. Safely removes waxes, chemicals and soil it says. Scrubbing involved, but you also can soak veggies and fruits. That wax is always the worse for me to get off.

    It is scary that this is really pounded into you to be safe and only eat fruits and veggies that you can really, really get clean. It is because my immune system will be down to almost nothing, as I am sure everyone realizes. But I think what are we doing to our bodies when we are "healthy" and not doing these things.

    I have quite a few rules to follow for a while. I do not mind it as I feel I have some control over all by following same.

    THANKS......everyone and for the kind words and all. JMQ, how are you doing? Blessings.......Susan
  7. jmq

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    I, thank God, am doing great. I am still up and down with the FM symptoms but the cancer scare put my life in perspective. I am more motivated to eat better and enjoy every good moment I have.

    How are you doing so far? Do you still have pain from the surgery? Have you started the chemo yet? You are so sweet and good to so many of us here...wish I could help you more..

  8. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I woke up today with a terrible headache....sinus. Kept sleeping off and on, when I was not in the bathroom with diahera. (SP?). Ached all over, etc. And tomorrow is my first chemo.....DH and I both laughed when they told me what I will feel like afterwards. They first described it as a bad flu.
    So with FM/Cfids.....will I have double flu like feelings?
    Yikes. I slept most of the day.

    But I am anxious to get all started and overwith. I really do not have a choice, not to me anyhow. Just have to go with it. I'm set for it, even a plastic waste basket by the bed for sudden upset tummy distress. I bought a new colored one for that purpose! LOL. But why not brighten the situation up a bit?

    So do not expect me online very often. SO PRAY FOR ME......
    and I will for you and all on board here.

    You have been so sweet and I get big boosts from you. I appreciate you and so many here.

    Love, Hugs and Blessings Galore........Susan
  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    God bless, Susan. I hope the chemo treatments are not as harsh as you've heard and that you're soon back to your healthy self.


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