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    hi all just thought i would let whoever has trouble showering or bathing about something i found and love. i was in the hospital and they had a bodywash and shampoo in one. if you dilute it with water (like in the sink or something) you can wash off without rinseing. it is so much easier on them days and smell very clean. almost forgot to tell you it is called aloe vesta. i searched the internet to see if i could buy it and i can & it isn't doesn't cost alot $$$$$ if you buy singles but you can also buy it buy the case wich is probably cheaper but alot all at once. it save me alot of days.
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    i didn't buy it i got it when iwas in the hospital. but you can buy it online.just google it.when this one i have getsclose to the end i will order off of the net. i guess i could dee if the drug store could order it but i won't hol my breath. it does not have an over powering smell. i have trouble with smells also. i can't remember the website but there are a couple of them. i love it.

    oh yea i don't use it as a shapoo but you can. i get oily bangs and i did use it on them one time and it worked great. but i mostly use it for my body.
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    it just has a soft clean smell. it is not relly strong and after you use it it's even a softer smell

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    bump for terch
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    HI Terch,
    If you can't handle much odor at all like myself who has MCS look for a shampoo at the whole food store or on line called " Magic Botanicals" it is made especially for people who have sensitivity

    Good luck!