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    I went to the Tribe/Tigers game noon game at The Jake today and walked through the Walkway to Gateway.

    RTA (Regional Transit Authority - Buses/Trains) has a very offensive ad along the Walkway that I have to show you when we meet next month!

    It has a drawing of a woman on the ad. Above the drawing

    Then the symptoms are listed with each one pointing to various parts of the woman's body.

    "Snapping Damage" and "Thumb Burn (Associated primarily with classic rock)" pointing at the hand insert illustration.

    "Hearing Impairment" pointing at the woman's ear.

    "Vocal Cord Exertion" pointing at the throat.

    "Bruise From Uncoordinated Dancing. Concert Goer" pointing at the elbow.

    All of the above are references to Cleveland being The Rock and Roll Capital and having the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum BUT...

    On the side of the woman it says....

    "You're in no condition to drive. Next time take the Rapid"

    I've had a major beef with RTA over disability seating and YES I voluntarily gave up driving three years ago due to fatigue and brain fog.

    Am I overly sensitive because we are not being taken seriously?

    What do you think?

    East Cleveland
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  2. IndianPrincess

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    by borrowing a digital camera and I will find someone to post it on my profile.

    I really need to update my profile too!

    I want all to see this!

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    This is similar to a billboard that went up at Melbourne and Sydney airports a few years ago. It was an ad for Hamilton Island (a resort island off the Australian coast) and had a photo of a couple sunbaking on a boat in the middle of the ocean with a huge caption: 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.' and underneath, 'Hamilton. The island that's spoiling Australia'. Both billboards were taken down after complaints but, as Honora said, they would never have dreamt of labelling the photo 'Multiple Sclerosis', so why CFS?

    Google 'CFS Hamilton Island' for a photo - it's the first result.
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    Oh, yeah! We all lie around on vacation from work, responsibilities, INCOME!!!!!!!!.

    What a "life?"!

    My ICON says what I feel.

    Thanks for the link!

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    Customer Service for the Cleveland RTA is:

    The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
    Main Office
    1240 W.6th Street
    Cleveland, Ohio 44113-1331
    phone: 216-566-5100

    ...just in case you feel like registering a complaint or two about their cavalier attitude towards CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME.

    Maybe we could send them a back-side view of the same drawing - with a note:
    "Posterior - part of body representing the nitwits at Cleveland RTA who approved this offensive ad."

  7. rockgor

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    about another's motive w/ absolutely certainty, but I suspect the bumbling bearucrats thought they were being humorous.
  8. srollins

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    Insulted to say the very least. Others here have said it much better here then i can so i won't get started but you can bet i have a few things to say to rta.

  9. IndianPrincess

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    General Manager is Joseph Calabrese.

    Also, if you are writing to complain could you also post a copy on this thread?

    I contribute to a newspaper and would like to bring awareness to this.

    I know many people who are disabled and are upset over trying to get a seat on the buses (myself included). Seating is set aside for the elderly and disabled and are often occupied by those who do not have ADA bus passes (students, small children, etc). We have asked the drivers to ask them to move, we have written to RTA with not response other than just receiving a general multipurpose letter thanking us for our concern and all we get is a free One Ride Bus Pass but then, we haven't mailed the letters to the GM.

    I was going to write a story about ADA Compliance regarding public transportation for the September edition.

    I would appreciate your help in this matter. I don't need your full name, just your first name and city.

    Thanks everyone.

    East Cleveland, Ohio
  10. IndianPrincess

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