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    Don't know anything about this, because I am not from this area, but my sister-in-law said there is a posting on Craigs List for volunteers for a Fibro Study

    I didn't know if I was allowed to post it, so I didn't cut and paste it

    I imagine if you go to Craigs List and do a search on FMS, you would be able to find it
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    I went over to Craig's List and what I found was a sleep study being done at Cleveland Neuro Research in Middleburg Heights for people age 65 and over for insomnia NOT fibro.

    I am in contact with this facility, having done fibro studies in the past with them and they keep in touch with me.

    I will e-mail my contact over there and as if there is a Fibro Sleep study going on.

    They are presently participating in a research study for a medication being used with success in Europe and the U.K.
    The clinical trial is for an anti-depressant that is being used to control pain in fibro. The pharmaceutical company is trying to get FDA approval here in the U.S.

    I was contacted to participate but had already signed up with Rapid Medical Research for the same study.

    Anyway, the studies both facilities participate in are always posted on this site under CLINICAL TRIALS soe always check these out from the HOME PAGE!
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