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  1. BabsFl

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    Not to offend anyone but I have a question.
    I haven't been on the fibro board that long but I am starting to notice that maybe there are "click's"
    am I right or am I crazy? That is a school age thing and hopefully adults wouldn't be like that.
    I have noticed with alot of new people they don't get the response that others do. I try to even go out of my way sometimes to answer someone that hasn't been answered.
    Maybe it is just me I don't know but if you pray.....
    Pray for unity on the board it is a really good outlet for those who need it and full of info and understanding from others with simular problems.
    I pray God's hand be on all of these boards......

  2. Shirl

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    As for as I know, there are no noticable cliques on the FM/CFS board.

    What you may see is human nature, some people with the same particular problems/interest will gravitate toward one another, thats just life.Others are here along time and are familiar with one another, that also is probably what you are seeing and thinking 'cliques'.

    As for some of the new people or any posts that are going to the back pages is that the board is moving so fast lately that its hard to keep up with. I was just there and bumped up a few posts that went unanswered on the second page.

    Another reason is that sometimes people ask questions that others have no knowledge of and therefore just pass them up.

    These boards stay continually in my daily devotions, whether I am on the boards or not.

    Hope this cleared things up for you. If anyone gets left out, its not intentional.

    Shalom, Shirl