clicky and crunchy bones does anyone else suffer

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wassy, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Wassy

    Wassy New Member

    I've been suffering with clicky joints in my hands, toes, knees and other joints for several years and have had several tests for arthritus but found nothing. I'm now getting a lot of pain in my back and then it started to crick. When I stretch my back my bones feel like they are crunching and then my neck cracks. Does anyone else suffer with a crunchy back out there and what are you doing about it.
  2. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    All my bones do.

    My thumb joint would lock.Went to an orthopedic doc.I have tendinitis in my Left hand.He said that its also causing my elbow to crack.

    I asked him about my back and knees.I have osteoarthritis.

    Hope this helps.Don't know I think I'm getting older faster from this DD FM and CFS.

  3. ajp

    ajp New Member

    Hi Wassy,
    I suffer from OA along with the fibro and a lot of my joints crack; hands, shoulders,hip and a new one... my ankle. Not sure why really, if it is part of the osteo- arthritis or not, never asked my doctor...probably should.I do try(notice I say try)to do rang on motion exercises and do actually use a brace for my hand, I have OA in the thumb joint. I deal with a lot of daily pain, mostly from the fibro I think. Sorry not much help but wanted to reply anyway. Take care.
  4. KittyCat

    KittyCat New Member

    My ankle bones crack when I walk - especially the left one. The index finger of my left hand also. I had hand
    x-rays a year and a half ago, and my doctor said I have slight osteoarthritis in my hands. I am 48 now, and she told me this when I was 47. I thought that is kind of young, but oh well . . .
  5. teacher

    teacher New Member

    and when I do, I know it's time to do the glucosamine/chondrotin thing. Ususally works for me.

    Happy cruching
  6. lenaw70

    lenaw70 New Member

    Major part of my life! My hubby thinks I am gonna fall apart when it is bad. I will go to get up from sitting or laying down and SNAP, CRACKLE, POP! And I am only 35.

  7. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    really freaky sound, my jaw, knees - horrible but not painful.

  8. lin-z

    lin-z New Member

    oh yes i definitely crack and pop when i get up after sitting for more than 10 minutes. sounds like popcorn in the microwave...cant say its is related to the most painful area of the day but it has increased since the fibrodx...i am 49 oa in neck and t-spine
  9. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    and my knees grind and my ankles snap when I climb stairs. So I go very carefully on stairs. No pain though.
  10. islandgirl2

    islandgirl2 New Member

    It's sure nice to read that so many of you creek and crack too. I use the pilates strap on my legs at night and in the a.m....50 rotations going right then left for each legs will crack near the thigh joint and feel so much back and neck cracks daily but it always seems to be a good thing. I wonder if the whole mess is somewhat related to fibro.....when my legs hurt they always feel better after the rotations...and cracking. Thanks to everyone that have given me help on my concerns. I really appreciate it and sometime will get around to replying earlier.
  11. Sue50

    Sue50 New Member

    had been making a crunching sound like walking over gravel,when I moved it. I have been going to physical therapy and it is getting better, my physical therapist told me that was a good sign that the fluids are going where they are suppose to go now. she said that popping noise is ok but the crunching sound is not good, means there is something wrong.
  12. JuliannaG

    JuliannaG New Member

    ever since I can remember, from when I was a small child. Especially the knees. I was always very thin, so was my dad, and he also had creaky joints, so I suppose it is hereditary.

    If I rotate my neck, it sounds as if there is beach sand in my joints. I don't know if the neck sounds are that audible to other people, but I can sure feel and hear them myself.
  13. Wassy

    Wassy New Member

    Wow I didn't expect such a large response. I'm glad it isn't just me then. Yeah my boyfriend also thinks its amusing as I'm only 24 yet sound like an old lady and I'm younger than him. I had heard about the fluid moving before so I thought this might be it. I was just worried that it was starting in my back and neck. do wonder what I will sound like though in ten years time I'll sound like a walking rain stick!!!!

  14. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    My kids say they know when I'm coming down the hall to kiss them good night because they can HEAR MY BONES CRACKING. We have carpeting so other wise it would be quiet. My ankles crack and my hips make the worst popping sound. It is quite loud. even others have commented on it.

  15. hdbubblehead

    hdbubblehead New Member

    look it up and see if the shoe fits. Sometimes Dr.s or tests don't clearly let you know whats going on until it becomes another problem. like maybe a broken hip after a fall.
    other times, it's something totally from your spine.
    I was misdiagnosied for so many years i can't believe it.
    and when the answer was there..... my choice was neck surgery immediately or become paralized or worse. (???)
    Its a long azzz story, so i am one to say, when it comes to feeling/sounding- like the bones are coming apart, I ask you to beg your Doctor to get you an MRI. it doesn't hurt. one of the very few test left that don't hurt you.
    its expensive, therefore "they" keep patients at arms length from this test unless its an emergency. costs like 5 grand.
    If i had to go back to the days of discovery for my conditions and symptoms I would have an MRI every year just to see the changes in the spine. x rays show the problem (i see it now when the doctors admit it) but not as intently as an MRI can show you.

    those discs can make a mess of us, not to add worse but, the spine is nothing to wait around about.
    past nights my family could hear me walking through the hallway, closer, n closer n closer........ahhhhhhhh!
    "i said, get to sleep!) well, when he was little boy.
    now he laughs about it, he is 30. lol
    these days, I am so "easy to crack" I can literally crack myself after a couple of MRI's over the years finally I knew what to look for and "They", those doctors, told me the truth!!
    My neurologist called the same day after MRI. she was concerned. no kidding she even pleaded with me and made several phone calls in the following months.
    she is not wrong about any of it. I just refuse the operation, and she hates to think I will be unmovable cause i waited too long and there was no was to go back.
    she says; good news and bad news
    my jaw was still on the floor after saying hello, oh. hi..
    good news, you don't have MS. Bad news, you need an immediate operation in you neck. you have narrowing of your spinal cord that requires major surgery or you will become paralized or worse. Don't get in a car accident driving to the hospital, and don't fall down!
    She had me set up to see a Neurosurgeon that very night. i laughed out loud. I think I had just mowed the front lawn that same day and cleaned the garage. all of a sudden it's- WATCH OUT. there really were no other signs, any pain from the neck down is serious when your discribing the spine.
    so I guess thats why I tell you, don't wait, for the dr.
    be assertive and plead for MRI, MRI MRI. the imaging can see so much better then the x rays.
    I have the film that shows a picture is worth a 1,000 words, the MRI film shows the places in my neck(cervical spine) and lumbar spine(low back) where the damage is done.
    It's scarry, but the surgery is more scarry. I pray all the time not to become a quadrapaligic, and guess what... this month is taking me into the beggining of the fourth year of singing..."I'm still standin, yeah yeah yeah"

    found out, its not funny, but what a way to be told.
    That was three years ago, I refuse to ever have the surgery
    I did my homework about the disease and I take real good care of each step.
    My input to Wassy, see if you can get MRI asap. See what you're dealing with , from all that noise in yer bones.
    I hope I am wrong but caution with the spine and nerves.
    could be "brittle bones"= osteoporosis. check it out.
    this will help you with your medical thoughts, and questions so much. you will find your answers there. sign in, it's so worth it. doesn't cost a penny to get the info it sounds to me that you may be requiring soon.
    Take good care...........xx hd.
    EDIT-ps.adding dad has this noise in his knees n ankles and he had four daughters who used to "crack up" into our pillows (supposed to be asleep)when we knew he was in the kitchen then back to the den with a snack after checking the hallway for "peeps" from us. Then he would go back to the Johnny Carson show (the earlier days) and we would get up again. lol. he knows now. lol<br>[<i>This Message was Edited on 11/10/2005</i>]
  16. 23jay321

    23jay321 New Member

    Some of this happens to me. Without meaning to, almost however I move my elbows, they crack, same with the top knuckles on both my pinky fingers. Also sometimes happens with my ankles. No clue....... :/
  17. Picklington

    Picklington New Member

    Hi Wassy, &lt;BR&gt;
    I get that a lot. Sounds like you may have hypermobile joints too (very common with fibromyalgia - in fact it can cause pretty much all fibromyalgia symptoms). I find chiropractic treatment really helpful in the short term (it gives me relief for about 3 days - which doesn't sounds like much to someone who isn't in severe pain, but I'm sure you can imagine how great that is!) and for the long term I'm doing a lot of exercises to stabilize my joints, including using those trainers that make you walk properly (mine are Sketchers Shape Ups but I'm sure other brands work just as well) and sitting on a gym ball so that my spine doesn't curve too far inwards. I have been using the trainers and the gym ball for about a year now and felt a benefit from about 3 months. It has been really slow, but I am definitely making some small progress. In the meantime I survive by paying for my chiropractor's kids to go to university. &lt;BR&gt;
    Hope you get some relief soon
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    old post. Doesn't mean you can't post on it, but Wassy hasn't been&lt;BR&gt;
    here for several years.&lt;BR&gt;