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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by loslonelyboy, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. loslonelyboy

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    Hi everyone. I am new on this site. Actually I was diagnosed with clinical depression about 3 weeks ago. I am looking for people to talk to. People who understand what I am going through. My family seems to think it is all in my mind and not a diagnosis.
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    I'm so sorry that your family thinks its all in your mind and not a diagnosis. Well its not all in your head and you shouldn't feel alone i know what your going threw and i'm very sorry your family doesn't seem to understand that depression is serious. I'm very gald you joined this message board you will find many understanding and caring people here.

    You should get all the information you can on clinical depression and have your family read about it and educate themselves on it, that way they might understand what your going threw and that way they can be supportive.

    Are you seeing a therapist, and are you taking any meds? That might help some.
    I'm on wellbutrin 400mgs and cymbalta 60mgs daily FOR MY DEPRESSION AND I AM ALSO SEEING A THERAPIST.
    Hang in there and know that your depression is not all in your head its very real. Take care, Tammy.
  3. loslonelyboy

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    Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for responding. Like I said I am new here and I think I entered the wromg message board. Should I re-start on the depression board? Either way its good to hear there is someone out there who understands. I am on medication. I am taking Ambien and prozac. I am seeing a pshychiratrist and a therapist. Plus my wife and I are starting marriage counseling with our pastor. Things just happened so quick. I am not sure how I got to this point. But things seemed so overwhealming for me. I ended up trying to take pills. I just couldn't handle things and I felt that it was the only option. I see things different now but everyday is a struggle. It has effected everything from home, my marriage, my job, my busines, and friends. A friend of mine shot himself a couple of weeks ago. He has been in bad depression also. I saw what it did to his wife and his children. He may be gone but his family is here and has to deal with what happened. His children are left without knowing why he did what he did. I don't want that for my family. But with no one to talk to. Where do you turn. The therapy is helping but I stil need someone on a daily basis. Some days are better than others. But it helps me to get things out.
  4. cymbeline

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    Sounds like you have gone through a lot recently and that this is probably why you are depressed. It is a very difficult thing to deal with and i think you are right in feeling you need someone to talk to. I don't know your situation but if you are able to it might be useful to access personal therapy as well as it sounds like you have more than just marrage issues to think about. Medication is useful to give you a lift at the worst of times but is not a solution in itself over the longer term.
    Hope you are ok

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