Closed Eustachian tubes, swelling in inner ear

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by puggymom, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. puggymom

    puggymom New Member

    I saw an ENT yesterday and he told me I have closed eustachian tubes and swelling in my ear. He attributed this to sarcoidosis which has been dorment for years. (these are new symtoms for me) I had blood work done in Nov and Feb that showed no signs. Has anyone here had ear trouble similar and is was due to FM?

  2. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    Unfortunately, FM seems to make us more vulnerable to a whole host of opportunistic disease.

    Anytime I get sick now it's always worse than everybody else who's been sick with the same illness.

    I have developed osteoarthritis in joints and on bone that never troubled me before FM.

    If you can find a practitioner near you (at a holistic or alternative health place) that does "candeling" that might help you in that area.

    Candeling is a gentle process that uses warm wax poured into each ear to draw out the toxins. In my area it costs about 60 dollars for a treatment.

    It stinks to have ear problems, especially in the inner ear where balance is controlled. Sarcoidosis is a structural process as well as an inflammatory process but maybe you could at least get the bacteria out and arrest the process.

    I hope you feel better.
    Madame Curie

  3. mamaeagle0103

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    I have been suffering with FM and CMP for at least 15 years, but did not even know what they were until about a month ago. All I knew was that I was always "sick" and felt horrible. In March of '05 I ended up in the ER with a severe ear infection. The pain was unbearable. I went to the ENT to continue my treatment. I had tubes put in my ears, steriods, etc. It just wasn't getting better. My last trip to the first ENT was horrible, I had bronchitis, once again, and he sends me home with a puny 500mg amoxycillin prescription and said I'll see you again in 6 months to check the tubes. I woke up the next morning with full blown pneumonia (again)...I, of course, went to another ENT who did a CT of my sinuses before any other work could be done. He found the culprit of all my infections, which was a severe case of sinusitis that was going nowhere without surgery. So I had that done. Would not recomend it unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. I did regain my breathing and proper sinus function and thought things were going to be wonderful. My energy was just around the corner and I was going to be back to normal...not even close. My surgery was in July of '05 and it did do wonders for my chest, ears and sinus but nothing for the rest. Long story short, I continued to be fatigued, in pain in the rest of my body, etc. And it still took months to get my proper DX. Sorry this is so long. I just know that it was because of the ear problem that I finally stopped "giving up" at finding out what was wrong with me.
  4. halo52208

    halo52208 New Member

    I have fms and had it since 1996. Recently I have notice that I have to have the TV louder than everyone else. Usually I can have it so low that the others tell me to turn it up. I don't always hear people very well and they have to repeat what they said.

    My sinuses are acting up a little and that could be the cause also. But you make a very good point and I think we do have more problems because of our illnesses.

  5. puggymom

    puggymom New Member

    He did the camera up the nose thing and my sinuses look good. I too had the surgery in 98 for sinuses and deviated septum, knock on wood, I haven't had an infection since then. What bothered me yesterday, was he just gave it an explanation of sarcoid, when I have been negative in my bloodwork in November and February, I have had no other sarcoid symtpoms. I am, however, coming out of a flair that had me on STD for 2 months. SO I will take the predinose for 8 days and see if it helps.

    In the meantime, the internist wants me to have an ortho look at me, so that's where I will be on Monday.

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