Clothes - what do you wear? Men too!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Marta608, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Hi, I was going through my rather largeg closet today and saw many things that I no longer wear because.... well, who needs good wool slacks or skirts, silk shirts and jackets to wear to the doctor's office or the grocery store? I've become a jeans and sweater woman in the winter and cotton slacks or skorts and knit shirts in the summer. I have more shoes than I care to admit but they sit there on the shelf in their boxes unworn. Now shoes means mostly walking shoes with warm socks and good supportive sandals in the summer.

    It's even worse now that I volunteer at the animal shelter. There I don't dare wear even good jeans, and my two "shelter" sweatshirts both have bleach stains on them. Except for being clean, doing my hair and wearing a bit of makeup, I look like I should be cleaning my house. Worst of all, I'm not sure I care!

    How about the rest of you who don't work or don't have to put on good clothes for church? Have you given up on your "good stuff" yet? Does the sight of it hanging there in the closet motivate you or make you feel more frustrated?

    I'm curious. Am I the only bag person?

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  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I think it was Mark Twain who said, "Beware of the job you have to buy new clothes for"

    Well I just bought my first "real" coat in 25 years!!! Because of my new business-thought the old Walmart ski jacket that only cost $12 to begin with wouldn't look so hot!!!

    I left all my good clothes for Goodwill when we left NJ in 2005 and I miss a couple of them.

    I've been in my jammies and an old cardigan all day AND I had visitors this morning....oh well, saves laundry!!!
    So no there are a number of bag lady types here, and anyway in Hollywood it is "cool".

    Love Annie Cromwell
  3. TKE

    TKE New Member

    OMG you'd cringe if you saw what I wear at home every day...Sweatshirts with so many holes (bitten in them by my parrots) that I look like a swarm of moths attacked me, LOL.

    Oh & my comfy pants, which are a T-shirt type knit, also have a few holes chewed in them. Seems as tho my Umbrella Cockatoo snuck onto the sofa while I was napping & just nibbled a hole in the back of the one leg/thigh area & another lower on the leg. Heck I slept right thru it.

    A few of my summer shorts & tops, that are also t-shirt fabric, have holes chewed in the too. Having parrots kinda keeps you looking like you shopped at the dumpster, LOL.

    Actually I'm pretty much jeans, sweatshirts, shorts & tank tops. I only dress up if I'm IN a wedding or something. I refuse to let society insist I HAVE to be uncomfortable just to act or look like someone I am not! We don't go places that require a dress code. My Huz, who does NOT own a suit, is a Harley rider so biker clothes (jeans/leather/etc) is the norm, so we fit right in :).

    Ohh & I gave up wearing make up over 20 years ago, about the same time I burned all my bras too. Don't own a single one of the darn uncomfortable things!

    So nope yuou're not the only bag lady :).

  4. caffey

    caffey New Member

    The comfier( is that a word??lol) the better. I wear tee shirts and pants with an elastic waist to allow for bloating. Have to wear custom made shoes. Can't remember the last time I wore a skirt and jacket. Have a closet full of pant suits and skirts and jackets. Refuse to give up on them. Biggest problem is when I was working we had to wear black pants, either red or white top then I went out and bought at discount Sears ( cheaper than sweaters) a whole whack of red and black blazers to go with it. Not working now don't know what to do with them. Go figure. Learned real quick the days of fashion are over. Comfy is in. Not going out track suits or nighgown.
  5. Seeseaisme

    Seeseaisme New Member

    Hey, around the house, I wear sweatpants, sweatshirts, T-shirts. I have some nice outfits for church and when I want to dress up for dates with DH. I seldom wear a bra at home anymore, it hurts my shoulders and so much, being that I'm full-figured, if you know what I mean?

    When I go out for a lunch date with my Mom and sister, I like to dress up and look my best, these days. I put the make-up on and good slacks and a nice top. I haven't worn a dress in about 8 years. I just can't shave my legs anymore, it hurts so much to do all that stretching.

    So for going out there's the good, the bad and ugly are for at home wear.
  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I must confess I am a convert too. In my other life, I worn designer suits, not your typical suits, I love color and was not afraid to wear it.

    Now everything I own is grey, charcoal, black, blah. I no longer wear silk blouses, but stained, stretched out t shirts.

    When I had an estate sale for my mom's stuff. I let it all go. I kept one pair black heels, navy blue and bone. I saved a couple jackets and sweaters a couple dress's for wedding or funeral. But only wear sneakers and my Easy Spirt slacks/tie shoes. I can't even find a pair of boots to fit me because the big joint on my right big toe is twice the size as the left. About 2 weeks ago I went weather boot, not dressey boot shopping could not find one pair that did not hurt my foot.

    I wear jeans and strecth pants shirt or sweater out. Due to my hobbies I have I look like a bag lady at home, I don't even put my teeth in,lol.

    I have one gray sweat suit that is one size too big, I wear it over my house clothes to walk the dogs in the winter.

    For 30 years I never left the house without make up and hair done, now I wear a knit hat when I don't feel like doing the hair. Such is life, roll with the changes. Carla
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  7. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    If I can't wear slacks, I don't go to the event. Period, no exceptions.

    I like to wear slacks with elasticized waist bands that are one size too large. I want comfort.

    Because i have RA, I don't like to mess with a bunch of buttons so I purchase all of my shirts one size too large also. I only have to unbutton one or two buttons by the collar and I pull the shirt over my head. I leave the shirt buttoned when I launder them.

    I've given most of my suits and fancy clothes to St. Vincent De Paul charity or the Salvation Army. I figure why not! Someone else is getting nice clothes, and I am getting closet space.
  8. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I wear my jammies around the house, all day and usually every day.

    But when I go out it's an event, whether it calls for it or not. It's just as easy to throw on a pair of slacks and a sweater as it is to put on jeans and a shirt.

    But...I live in Europe and the ladies here wouldn't be caught dead in jeans and tennis shoes while running their errands. And I like it, somehow it makes you feel beautiful to go out looking nice.


    Nancy B
  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I see that most of us have resorted to comfort rather than style and glamour. Some more than others.

    Annie, you got a new coat?? I could have saved you some money. I have a new coat hanging in my closet that I've never worn. (I know; BAD Marta.)

    TKE, I think you and your parrots have me beat at home but you can go to weddings??

    Cath, I know; when you're feeling better, you can get a job at Target with all those red and black clothes!

    Sees: Date? You go on dates?? See, I'm really missing somthing here. I can't even do lunch dates!

    Carla ck, I'm not surprised you don't want glass in your good clothes....but I did laugh at the vision of you in your over-large sweats and no teeth.

    Joyfully, you go to Events??

    Linda, I miss cute shoes too and there are so many now.

    Nancy B., you're another person who can do Events! I haven't been to an Event since my father's funeral - and that doesn't count. But you're right, it is just as easy to put on slacks and a nice sweater when we go out. I wonder why I don't do that....... I know! The shoes. Somehow nice slacks don't look so good with walking shoes....

    Thanks to all of you for confessing but I still don't think I can toss all my nice things. I guess hope does spring eternal. The only problem is that they'll probably be out of style by the time I find an Event to go to.

    Sees, you reminded me of the other night when I was watching a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond which I find hysterical. Ray and Deborah were talking about newlyweds Robert and Amy, how new and wonderful everything still was only three months into their marriage. "Yes", said Deborah, "I'll bet Amy still even shaves her legs!"

  10. TKE

    TKE New Member

    >>TKE, I think you and your parrots have me beat at home but you can go to weddings?? <<

    Bikers weddings = Jeans & leathers :). Most are held outside in summer, so it's warm :). Nothing neater than 50 Harleys lined up as the wedding aisle. Brides sometimes wear the traditional dress. Not easy climbing on a Harley afterwards with all that dress to tuck in.

    Last one we went to I was wearing shorts/T-tp & sneakers & I ended up being drafted to help the bride off the Harley so she could walk down the "aisle". Had I known I was gonna do that I would have worn my leathers too.

    Many in my area, non-bikers included, have let the so called "social dress codes" go. You'd be shocked at how many show up at weddings & funerals in jeans.

    I think the last time I actually dressed up was at my Youngest step-daughters wedding in 1995. I wore a dress & heels. At the next wedding, a month later for step son, Huz & I went in jeans & leathers. It was an outside formal wedding too!

    In case some of you assume all bikers are "nasty" Our club has school teachers, lawyers, regular factory workers, etc as members. Our clubs major purpose is to raise money for ill children :). We've won the Motorcycle Miracle Tour Award 20 plus years running now for raising the most for a local major hospitals childrens cancer wing. We also feed over 100 mentally/physically challanged adults from a local organization every Thanksgiving. We cook ALL the food ourselves & the guys help too. Actually it's the guys who cook the 100 pounds of potatoes & mash them! So not all bikers are "nasty". Just look past the bike & the clothing & you'll find some really good hearted people.

  11. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member

    I've only been on disability for a few months, and I'm still attached to my collection of nice clothes and shoes. So some days when I'm feeling up to it, I dress up in my work clothes even though I'm only staying home or going to the grocery store.

    I'm sure I'll part with them someday. Maybe at a yard sale this summer.
  12. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    because of the pain that I am always in I wear track pants and long sweatshirts, I can't even wear bras or undergarments because they hurt to the touch of my skin, but I don't want my husband to be turned off but he says he understands my pain and that he didn't care what I wore as long as I was comfortable and in less pain if possible,

    he is wonderful but REALLY how much can our husbands take of us looking this way??? I am always afraid that someone younger and wearing nice clothes and who can go out and have fun is going to come along and catch my husbands eyes
    but hubby say's """" NEVER EVER """" said he loves me under the moon, the sun, the clouds, the stars. I feel so blessed.

    love to all, Ann
  13. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    Pantyhose under wool and anything that's not cotton really gets to me. I keep saying that I'm only going to buy dressier-looking cotton slacks and long, dressier-looking cotton dresses for summer. It's really hard. Plus, I don't shave my legs, so pantyhose are expected in the summer and either way, they're mandatory September though May.
  14. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I had to dress up every day for 30 years while I worked--fancy clothes, full makeup, and curling my hair daily.

    Not now! That went the day I retired!! LOL

    I now wear one of those long, lounging dresses all day, every day around the house.

    I tell my family that I hate clothes! I only get dressed when I expect company. Then it's casual slacks that are made out of a stretcy-type material and a cotton top.

    I do have dressy clothes for funerals and weddings. I still wear my "work clothes" for my doctor appointments, though.

    I hate dresses and skirts, and have only worn one a half-dozen times in the last 50 years probably! However, when I learned that I had to have two knee operations last summer, I bought this long denim skirt that was full with a stretch waistband that wasn't too bad. I had to wear it home from surgery and to my doc appts until my knee braces were off. I'll probably not wear it ever again!

    Also, no more dress shoes for me, either. I'm totally comfort. I have a pair of SAS walking shoes that I wear when I dress casual and a pair of soft, comfy casual shoes when I have to dress nicely! I also have many pairs of diabetic shoes which actually don't look that bad to wear when I want. But around the house, I just wear a thick pair of the ankle-type athletic socks. I am a diabetic and should wear shoes all day long, but I just hate shoes and can't bring myself to wear them in the house all day!
  15. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I didn't explain that well. An 'event' is the grocery! But since I never get to go out much, I make it an event by trying to dress nice.

    It's just that rare that I get out at all anymore for the last few months, so I dress nice and try to pretend that I don't feel crappy.


    Nancy B
  16. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Ahhhh, the grocery store, Nancy. Now, there I can relate since I go frequently so I don't have too much to carry inside and put away. AND I can buy more fresh food.

    It sounds as if some of the rest of you have a dilemma similar to mine with your clothes. Giving them away feels like giving up - or is it accepting current reality? Every time I go into the closet intent on thinning things out, I end up coming out empty-handed or with something I quickly put back.

    I did hear a good tip though about organizing your closet: turn all the hangers forward until you wear the garment at which time you turn it to face backward. In six months you'll quickly see what you wear and what you don't.

    Of course I have an easier way: look for the dust.

    And it's not as if I haven't gotten rid of anything because I have, but I can't seem to do a total job of it. I think it's partly because I'm too cheap.


  17. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Around the house I wear black tights (elastic waist) and warm socks, topped with with an over-sized sweater or shirt, no bra. With this "outfit", I feel dressed enough to answer the door, yet comfortable enough to feel like I'm wearing pajamas.

    At the end of the day (since changing clothes can be a difficult & painful endeavor) I wear my outfit to bed. It's very comfy. Then, when I get up in the morning - I brush my teeth and hair - and I feel like I'm decent enough to answer the door.(Feeling comfortable enough to answer the door is my litmus test for dressing decently:)

    Then, in the afternoon - the time of day when I feel most able - I wash-up, put on a clean outfit & some lipstick (I use lipstick on my lips and also blend a bit on my cheeks for colour).

    When I have to go out, I substitute my black tights for a pair of elastic-waisted, black velvet pants or jeans and trouser socks. I put on a bra, a comfortable blouse or sweater and top it off with a tailored jacket. Even though my street clothes are fairly comfortable, the minute I get home I change back into my outfit.

    I don't have a lot of clothes anymore (I gave a lot of my things to the Goodwill) but the ones I have, I like.

    My sweetie says he likes the way I dress around the house (I asked him if I looked too sloppy). I believe he doesn't mind my 'outfit' but when I do dress up (when we go out to a movie or something) his eyes light up and he tells me I look pretty.

    I hope I'm never completely housebound, as it does me some good to get dressed and out of the house. I try to get out 2-3 times per week for 1-2 hours and, like Nancy, I treat every outing as an event or special occasion.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  18. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I laughed out loud at your litmus test. I do know that feeling. Of course, most of the time the doorbell rings which is very infrequently, I don't answer it anyway.

    Isn't it interesting that we have different "good times" of day. I can only manage anything in the morning and some people's best time is afternoon. I wonder if this has to do with FM or CFS?

    (I'll have you all know that today, going to the animal shelter, I wore my "good" jeans in case I got caught in the Open House crowd.)

    Marta, the movie star
  19. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I just got an idea about what to do with your clothes. I know what you mean about having to just give it all way. It is like ending a part of your life your not ready to.

    We all have changes. I don't know if they have one of these in your area but there are a group of people who help get women back in the work force.

    Mostly under privledged and can't afford to buy new clothes. Their wardrobe is pretty much what we are now. Imagine having to turn a good job down because they can't even buy Walmart or dollar store clothes.

    There are consigment stores in larger areas too, you get about 25% of what you paid for it.

    Sometimes we need to let things go so other things can come into our lives. I can't wait to see your master peice from the shelter. I'm sure they are very glad to have you there.

  20. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    You're so right, of course. Now I just need to do it - and convince myself that I really won't wear them.

    My camera evidently needs new batteries so the pictures will be awhile coming. I'll let you know.


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