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    Having problems finding clothing that is not to heavy feeling on body. Anything that is binding around waistlines is also a problem. Undergarments are the biggest problem. Is there any information on this topic that would help with this problem?
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    This may sound silly.... but I have found that T-Back panties are more comfortable. The trick is to buy them too big -- they come in 8's, 9's, and 10's now days. And to buy all cotton. It eliminates the tight elastic around the tops of my legs...

    Also if you wear a lot of knitted cotton clothing, like jersy, t-shirt material, and gauze, the kind which moves freely and doesn't hold a wrinkle or a crease either. If you can afford it they make some really great comfy clothes out of knitted silk now days, a bit pricy for me but my Mother loves them.

    You can also make small cotton inserts to place between your bra and body to absorb the sweat, if you change them a couple times a day then you don't break out from the toxins in the pooled sweat, and you can wash them and wear over and over. When I used them I just used cotton flannel 3 or 4 thicknesses, made kind of like a long hot pad. lol Now days I use sports bras made of mostly cotton, which I purchase too large also.

    I find it a lot easier to look nice wearing clothing like this now days because Baggy clothes are accepted as fashionable.

    hope this helps,
    Hugs from Cat
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    Like Spacee suggested, I have some of the PJ bottoms. I get mine from Old Navy - I wear them out all the time. They are very lightweight woven cotton and have to be touched up with an iron for going out. They now have them in the cropped length leg, too and I think they still carry the cotton knit styles as well.

    I also wear sports bras and oversize cotton panties - Not very sexy - I think I'll check out Victoria's Secret, I haven't been there in a while.



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    I wear long dress's around the house, I just bought a few new ones at Walmart, they finally got the kind that I wanted in stock. They are lose on me cause I wear a 9 but buy 11's. Some day's I can't even wear them, so I have some very light thin cotton Nighties that I also got at walmart.

    I never wear a bra, any more, I have IBS, GERD, and anything tight around the waist makes me Gassy and Nauseaed.
    I sometimes do wear Pants made by white stag, they have the Elestic in the back of the pants, and then they tie in front, so that I can wear them for awhile when I need to wear pants instead of the dress's, which are also white stag.

    I thought of writting them and telling them how happy I am that the new line, finally let's me wear something Stylish, and comfortable. BTW, you can not see through the dress's, unless you stand directly in front of a light, so that you are backlite. So no undies. No bra's.

    Here's the Weird part, I have to wear socks all the time. Even in the summer, they are cold, and I Hate for my feet to be bare, unless I am in bed.
    Also wear cotton socks. When I do wear pantie's, I also buy them bigger sized and in cotton, but I like the Granny kind, the Tong's bug me. lol.

    Another thing that I do, is go to the Thrift shops and look for clothes that have been washed a lot, but are still nice looking, these I spray Off, on, to help keep the insects off of me during the Months thoes buggers are activie.

    Shoes, by Dr. Schol's, finally some style there too.

    Having FMS/CMP/OA is bad enough, but I also am being tested for something called RSD. Which is where you skin hurts so bad, that you can't wear anything. I lay in a darkened room naked on thoes day's. No one around, so why not??

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    I wear sweats around the house. If I need to go out, I have silk jogging suits that look half decent. For a really dressy occasion, a silk jumpsuit is comfortable and stylish.