CMA and Annepat, info on kutapressin substitute

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dove1, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. dove1

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    I heard back from Apothecure in Texas that they have a liver injectable comparable to kutapressin that "many doctors are using in place of kutapressin." I have written Dr. Lapp about this to get his response. Will let you know.
    It's a lot less expensive than Kuta.
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    Someone sent me a copy of their letter to Apothecure...... And the reply....I also sent it to my Physician.....Lets keep in touch , and see how our Docs respond to this......Unfortunatly Apothecure did not answer any questions i asked them.......Name of product? FDA approved? Etc.......
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    It is less expensive, but, how much do we need to take, and will insurance reimburse for it?
    My docs and I had started looking into KU substitutes back in June. I have a product fax from Apothecure, and a brief fax from College.

    It's been difficult to coordinate communication because of summer vacations, I got sick, computer problems...etc.

    If we can confirm the argentine beef extract as the same one that Dr. Enlander is using, and the same one that Dr. Lapp is using, we could distribute the info via compounding pharmacies. We could also coordinate and document our response.
  4. dove1

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    CMA, Annepat, PaulAlbert and all Kuta users. It sounds like we are on a trail for finding a potential substitute in the form of beef liver injectable. To my knowledge Dr lapp is not using this product and responded back to me "There simply is no substitute for Kutapressin." Maybe if I send him info he will look it over. I will call Apothecure and try to get literature. Let's also try to find out which compounding pharmacy Dr Enlander is using. Paul Albert, could you find this out since you are a patient and he "owes' you this information? This would be helpful to all of us. Let's all stay in touch until we find answers. Thanks!