cmc joint arthroplasty 2006 now 2011 experience

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    I am now 43 years old. I had pain since overuse osteo arthritis from doing trigger point massage for 2 weeks in 2005; I subsequently had 3 injections of cortizone over 1 year and due to pain, the DR then a recommended cmc joint arthroplasty 2006 and
    now 5 years later in 2011 my experience is that I wish I had the joint fused together VS Removing the trapezium and having my FCR / flexor carpi radialis tendon removed and used to fish hook and tie to keep meta carpal in place / tendon arthroplasty.
    I now have a pain at the mc boot 1st to 2nd metacarpal / base of finger bones, and various nerve pains, weakness, no pinch, weaker grip, noticeable muscle atrophy. I have had some depression since hurting my thumb before, after, and still today I feel unfortunate about my situation but try to persevere.
    I have tried to contact some major teaching and donor hospitals to have donor trapezium and FCR tendon donor for replacement to maximize function and strength and improve my quality of life and to keep my job that requires both hands both with fine and gross dextarity.
    My husband reminds me that at least I have my left arm and can use the greater parts of it, >75% where that young teenager / young lady in Hawaii had her arm chewed off by a shark and yet she still surfs with one arm :) I suppose it is all in the perspective. I respect her.
    I would still really appreciate being able to use my hand as it was intended since I have it.
    Best to All going thru these issues.
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    I have a post on this board at the top of the page that is low cost/no cost medical/prescription help. Go into that post and go towards the very bottom. There is an arthritis/musculosketetal organization where you might want to contact them with your situation and ask if they have any suggestions. Remember, if they tell you they can't help you, ASK THEM FOR PLACES OR DOCTORS THEY SUGGEST YOU CONTACT. It's that type of "networking" that can get you resources you need. Good luck and hugs.