CMP and Trigger Points

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    Because I am still fairly new to CMP and trying to become more informed on it, I would like to cut to the chase and ask if anyone knows of a web site that will SHOW me WHERE those trigger points are at?

    I have a diagram here at home on FM and the TENDER POINTS, but I don't have a diagram on CMP with the TRIGGER POINTS. I know the two are very different. I know about trigger points briefly and have massaged those I know about and have felt relief, but I haven't had anything that shows me all the places we can find the trigger points at. I have wrote many responses here in the forum but there are still places I don't know in regards to certain issues within my search to know more regarding CMP, FM and other pain producing agents. ALL I know is PAIN and all I want to know is spelled out RELIEF. (smile)

    Thanks for the help.

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    Thanks, Haley

    By the way, I happened to have plugged into one of Nancy's threads to comment on a comment and while I was there, took my opportunity to thank her for all her help as well. I, too, believe in giving credit where it is due as well. You have been such a blessing even if you did get much of your info from Nancy. Being a ponticaf (is that what you call it?) is very good. I guess I am one of those too because when I get things that should be passed on, it isn't I who have wrote the method or created something to be true, I just want to pass all good things along that can help others resolve issues or conditions or whatever. So that is why I have thanked you alot as well. Ok, enough said.

    I shall go to those references that you passed along to me. I want to avail my self to ALL resources so I can get relief for any amount of time, short or long, if you know what I mean. I agree with you or was it Nancy, that said that perhpas one day, there will be something that will be discovered that will put an end to much of these things happening to us. Like medications that are working on areas that should have been long before instead of using pain meds that were not doing the job because it wasn't in their "job description", if you please. The dopamine discovery that is helping others through the meds that are to bring the dopamine levels up so that the pain we feel will diminish is the KEY to ending that pain or at lease making it diminish is of greater use than taking pain meds that never seem to touch that pain or even give a portion of relief as in my case. Thanks again.

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    Hi Haley,

    Thanks for that piece of news. Nasty little ole neurotransmitters or should I say incompetant fuel for them to run on. I have been on most of what you are taking. However, the one doctor I had a couple of years ago, didn't like so much of those that could cause so much drowsiness and I should not be behind the wheel he said. However, I didn't have others to drive me around so, he adjusted things differently. Hence coming off Vicoden, Klonopin, are a couple. Then I was put on Methadone and later a neurologist popped in and decided to put me on Lamictal. Now I was already on Celexa and he didn't say anything about coming off that. Well, the methadone is ok and I don't get the same affect with it as I did the Vicoden but I must say that the Vicoprofen worked much better than the Vicoden did. But I wasn't able to get the Vicoprofen at THAT time because there wasn't a generic to cover it and so while I was on Medicaid, they wouldn't despense it. I was forced, you might say, to take the Vicoden.

    Then when I was able to get back to my regular doctors who had been treating me and who knew me best, moved things around. The doctor that is treating me for the neuropathy and the other situations, thought that the methadone was a good thing to take for pain. We just increased it a bit. Then we went from Lamictal to another kind that didn't seem to hit me well cause I had funny feelings when I was taking it. I can't remember the name of it but it too was another medication starting with the letter L. Anyway, I wasn't instructed to go back on Lamictal so I went back to the Celexa because I was taken off that as well. It seems to make a difference when I am not on Celexa. That is a good thing because many times when you come off certain meds, you don't even notice a difference so I thought since I felt an impact going on without it, I was best to go back on. I just lessened the dosage. I really didn't need the 60 mg. They only did that because of the increase in stressful situations around me at the time. I was on a normal 40 mg. So now we have, Methadone 40mg/ - 2 x a day, it could be used up to 3 but I am holding steady at 2 x day, Celexa once a day 40 mg., then the usual protonix for the stomach, premerain .045 low dose but needful says the ob-gyn medical clinic where I went to be tested for the usual, then Bumex 2mg diuretic needed for the edema in my legs. Right now I am going to increase it to 2 x day because of the increased edema over the last 5 days. Then I take the potassium because of the diuretic. That is it besides my usual vitamin supplements like B Complex 150, Vitamin C 1000, A strong multi vitamin, and the glucosamine 500 & chondroitin 400 3 caplets to equal 1500/1200 for the daily dose. THAT has helped immensely on my pain issues around my joints.

    I don't know about you, but I am wanting off of many of the things I have to take. Mostly, I want to be free from the nagging cellulites that wants to consume my life most of the time. I fight it continuously. So many antibiotics is NOT good. My poor liver. There is always going to be a need for this and for that and I guess I am just plain tired of it all.

    I understand what you are doing about taking the certain brain chemistry helpers and taking them has made a difference for you, but don't you just want to say at some point, STOP!!? When you were saying about all the things they couldn't find in the scans and blood tests but you were very sick, that reminded me about an article I read in my Neuropathy Publication about 4 yrs ago. There was a woman that had become very sick to the point she couldn't walk or even lift her head up off the bed. When speaking to a particular doctor, he told her what the problem was. She was amazed that he would even know because no one else did. So he recommended the gammaglobulin IV infusions. I can't remember the whole thing but I do remember the results. After using it once a day for a long period of time, she noticed that in just 7 months, she was able to get up, walk and do many of the things that she was not able to do before. It was truly amazing. I guess this is being known by many across the nation now. They are using it but now the stigma is Medicare. They don't seem to want to pay for that. I am so stinking angry over this!! How can they do this horrible thing? I mean it was proving to be very effective on many lives. I was going to get more info as to where I could get the infusions to let my doctor know. He was very impressed by it as well and would write me up for it. He wanted more information and then where I was able to get the IVs administered. Some can come in your home, insurances will pay. Then there are those that can't pay so they go to certain hospitals that facilitate it. So hearing you speak in pretty much the same type of situation as that woman, I would think that the infusions she was having would be such a benefit to you and not have to take all those other mind drugs (brain chemistry)haha. If I can recall what it is, and where you can go to get more info on it, are you interested? Her tests did not prove anything either like yours didn't. But she was very sick. Oh, I think that doctor said that she was very close to death had she not talked to him and him knowing what to do for her. All systems were shutting down on her.

    Therefore, if you want any information, I'll try to see if I can find a website or something to where you can get information on it and maybe try it. It is good that you have a doctor that is helping you take this medications that have proven to be beneficial. He might me interested in this way as well. Like I said, my doctor is doing all he knows to do and is ready to try anything that would be beneficial and not harmful to me as well. So.. let me know.

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    Well now, Haley

    Looks like you are doing well about keeping things in balance. I think that is the whole key. It is so hard when we are doing battle with all this crap, yes, I said crap...LOL, only get picky about what we think is necessary to help our situation better. I was thinking the other night about how my family used to get very upset with me in the past about spending to much time in the health books. :) :)

    At first I was upset. Later after thinking it over for awhile, I understood. By doing all the so called "research" it was like looking under this blanket and then looking under that blanket and pretty soon it turns out as I think I have this, I think I have that, I think I have this, I think I have this also. Get the picture? Sometimes doctors get the wrong impression as well. They think we are playing doctor. Well?? Kinda and sorta. When we are all alone by ourselves and we can feel what is going on in our bodies, it makes sense for us to do the navigating. However, always bearing in mind that we should not keep "navigating" on our own without telling them. We will never get the proper medications if we don't supply them with the possible and influential publications that back up our feelings so that they can see the benefit as well. Also so that they can do a little research to be sure we won't have an adverse effect instead of the best "test" to prove a possible option in helping what is ailing us. I don't know if this all makes sense or not. I just don't want my family to think that I have nothing better to do with myself than to sit around looking up this ailment and that ailment. I am not a hypochondriac and I have to be cool in whatever I would be trying to help them understand. That is why many times, I'll mention something and make out that I don't know much and why would this happen this way and what happens if it would go that direction, etc etc. That way it makes them feel (doctors) like they are still in the drivers seat. Well, I think I am probably rambling on now. I just know that if we always learn to keep the balance in what is going on and want our medications kept limited, the doctors can pretty much trust us and our judgement like my doctor does. He doesn't think I am crazy and sometimes has to push me as to why I am not taking ALL the amount of meds prescribed. (smile) I am not a martyr but I do pull back awhile to see if I really NEED that full amount in the long run. I need to know how to be alert. Does any of this make sense to ya, Haley? I am just speaking on things that have happened to me. This is not pointing a finger at anyone else. If what I had been feeling or doing allows someone else to understand what may be going wrong in their investigation of their situation and they feel the need to pull back just a hair or have a straight talk with their doctor and they move ahead better, then I say GREAT!! However, it was only mentioned because I am hard headed and I have many books that are NOT all eaten up. I want to be free and I surely want others free as well.

    Now for those who have had trouble sleeping at night and found yourself falling asleep reading this whollllleeeeee thing, I did some good for you. I helped you get a bit of shut eye. :) :) LOL!!!

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    I have the same theory on the neurotransmitters. I have done a lot of reading on CMP and FM and I have to agree that there has to be an imbalance between dopamine and seratonin too. I also have the fevers that are not due to any virus or infection and the low core temp. Depression and tons of trigger point pain and lack of concentration and memory. I started feeling better once I started taking SAMe. I work the trigger points with a theracane. Another good resource on trigger points is Devin Starlanyl's FM and CMP survival manual.
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    thanks for the reading suggestion. I'm always looking for more info...anyway to help myself and others.

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