CMP/Chronic Myofascial Pain

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    OK, so I have this book, called Fibroymalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain. I have just started reading it and it says that you can have both and that sometimes, when the pain is just on one side, or one quadrant, it could be CMP. I am wondering if this might be what I am experiencing (sometimes I also think I am a hypochondriac, as I also wonder about CFS) I have looked online, but finding littlke regarding actual complete list of symptoms.

    I have SEVERE left side pain. My leg from my hip to my toes and my arm from my fingertips all the way up to my head. My migraines (the really bad ones) are focused on my left side, in the lower back of my skull. When I have these migraines, my left eye hurts and its like it goes numb and my left ear hearing diminishes drastically. The hearing problem lasts for a day or two after a severe migraine. I have a migraine now and have had this same migraine since the 25th and I cant get rid of it.

    I have become my own personal advocate at trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with me and how the heck to treat it properly. I am on a ton of meds and nothing seems to work. My pain, tiredness, vision, cognative (fibro fog), balance, coordination and all that goes with all this is just getting worse. Maybe a flare? How do I know if I am having a flare, what exactly is it?

    Any ideas on where I can find something about this? or just personal experiences.

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    You could have trigger points on the left side that are contributing to your pain. Check out a book by author, Clair Davies. It is called the The Trigger Point Handbook. I have FM, but I also have trigger points in my head, jaw, shoulders, and neck that are contributing to my pain.

    It is really too bad that I had to discover this on my own. I have been to countless doctors, physical therapists, TMJ dentists, etc., and no one ever told me about trigger points. I have the book that you have by Devin Starlandyl and have read the chapter about CMP but I disregarded it because I was diagnosed with FM. Hal Blatman, a famous pain clinic doctor in Ohio, believes that a lot of the pain that FM patients have is caused from trigger points. Trigger points are a lot easier to get rid of than tender points.

    In the book by Clair Davies, he explains how we develop trigger points and how the trigger point refers pain to other areas. For example, I have several trigger points in the trapezius muscles that is referring pain to my neck and back of my head. I have also lived with chronic headaches for the last 15 years. I recently bought a Theracane and am doing my own trigger point therapy. I, like you, have always had more pain on my left side.

    I'm taking Cymbalta right now and I think that may be helping with the FM tender points, but it does nothing for the trigger points. When I think of the past 15 years, it really sickens me of the money and time wasted on health care professionals that did not want to do the investigative work to help me solve some of my pain issues. We, as patients with chronic pain, should be our own health advocates and not put so much trust in doctors who are often times clueless.


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    i think more meds contribute to many symptons.sleep is always an issue. i take ambien. sometimes i need 10 hrs sleep. i take tramadol for pain. doesnt take it all away but helps.

    the tigger point massage book is great. my jaw was clicking and poping. i looked in book and it showed how to massage inside mouth.sure enough there was a lump on gum on lower jaw. i worked and massaged till it was gone. the pain was gone.

    ive gone to dr blatman too. he helped me with disability.hes really the only dr who gave me suggestions to help pain. like using ball on trigger points. that pain in feet came from trigger points in calves.i also have theracane and knobber to work on trigger points. they save the hands from all the massage.

    give it a try. love gail

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