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    Chronic Myofascial Pain
    If TrPs are treated immediately and vigorously, and perpetuating factors (conditions that aggravate and perpetuate the TrPs) are eliminated or controlled, TrPs can often be eliminated quickly. Unfortunately, if a TrP is left untreated or muscle action is restricted to avoid pain, the TrP usually becomes latent. If the muscle is pushed to work in spite of the pain, especially if perpetuating factors exist, active TrPs may develop secondary and satellite TrPs.

    Secondary TrPs develop when a muscle is subject to stress because another muscle with a TrP isn't doing its job. Satellite TrPs develop when a muscle is in a referred pain zone of another TrP. Without proper intervention, and with perpetuating factors, the TrPs can lead to severe and widespread chronic myofascial pain (CMP). Developing secondary and satellite TrPs can give the false impression that CMP is a systemic condition that will steadily worsen with time — that it is progressive. CMP is not progressive. Body-wide TrPs, often in many layers of many muscles, can seem like FMS. With proper and timely intervention, these TrPs can be broken up and eliminated. If chronic myofascial pain has persisted for some time, you may have fibrotic muscles and/or calcified areas at the attachment points. This usually indicates multiple perpetuating factors, and it will take longer work and a lot of patience to regain function. Many people are living with incontinence, dizziness, muscle weakness, IBS, and avoiding activities (including sex) because they have TrPs that are unrecognized and untreated. So much misery and unnecessary health-care cost could be prevented by adequate training of medical care professionals.

    The above Info, is copied from Dr Starlanyl's website, which they do give permission to print out for your Family and Other Caregivers. And to copy and paste for information purposes. ;o)

    I thought it might help to understand TrPs and how they can make your life miserable.
    For me it's quite a few of the TrPs, that are being active, due to other conditions I have, like the Spinal Stenosis, and DDD.

    They can't operate on the discs in my neck, the C3-6, due to another OP that wasn't done right, and left my neck in a bad state. They can't fuse, and the Surgeon's are also afarid of complactions of my having FMS & CMP.

    So what I do is treat the Neck Pain first, then that helps with the CMP which in turn helps with the FMS.
    What a "Merry-go-Round". huh?
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    I'm glad at least one person has an interest in CMP. ;o)

    I think a lot of folks are mis-dx with FMS when some of the Symptoms are more in keeping with the CMP.

    SCM, is the main Trigger Point for me,
    it's called, sternocleidomastoid, and its a muscle group , than has a lot of functions.
    One is holding your head up, also getting dizzy can be caused by this Trp.
    It is located on the side of your neck. Bechind the ear, mine can get very hard, and I do get little red bunps, that look like pimples, but aren't.

    I also have Mastoiditis, and they won't operate because it is so close to the Brain.

    I get Nasal drip every night, and my right ear has constant Pain and it plugs up all the time.
    They have me on SOma and Zithromax for Infections that I am prone to.

    This is also the group of muscles that the nerves run through to the brain that is getting mixed signals.

    When riding in the car, and the DH is driving, and he turns a corner, I feel like the whole car is going to tip over.
    I found that in Dr. Starlanyl's book too.

    Trigger points can symptoms, that Dr.s mistake for other conditions, too, just like FMS.
    And the Combo of the two, can keep the other one going, they feed off of each other.

    For instance, the Arthritis I have in my Spine, is made worse by Trigger Points, which in turn flares the FMS.
    And because, "FMS is a sensitivity amplification syndrome", I will hurt more than a person who just has Arthitis. That condition in it's self cause a ton of Misery.

    Pain is the Main Symptom that I hace, then add in the Trigger Points, and it's awonder I am not pulling my hair out with the pain. We know that Pain can cause depression and who wouldn't be. Huh? ;o)


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