*******CMPS~ had trigger point needling on Monday**********

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    It had been about 2 yrs since I had any needling done on my trigger points on my neck and shoulders. This is a procedure provided by our health care and I don't have to pay for it. The Dr is a physical medicine Dr.
    I had some pretty painful bumps on the outside of my thighs that REALLY hurt when I would work on them. I think they were causing my leg to buckle when I got up from squating for sitting. He worked on those and boy did that hurt! Those muscles where a jumping and a zinging!
    He then did a spot on each shoulder and those jummped quite abit too, but he said he could tell the difference from the last time I had been there, so the first ones I had definetly worked.
    Of course today, and all thru the night my neck and shoulders are killing me, but I should be ok in a few days, and then those muscles will need to strenghen up a bit again. My leg, other than the bruise is fine and doesn't hurt at all. I want to get more needling done on my leg.
    Hope this helps anyone interested in trying it!

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    I can't beleive no one is interested in this?
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    i also go to pain mag.Dr and i got 24 of trigger injections my mucsle are so tight i get those shots at 3 -5 wks apart ,, sometimes they work ,but i `m gaining
    weight since i started to take those injections

    did you gain any weight with them?

    don`t know if i`m going to keep going ,,i`m not seeing any relieve,,,gmom,,,
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    what is he injecting you with? My dr will only do about 4-6 spots at one time. And as he puts the needle in to touch the trigger point he injects some freezing. I usually only have a few treatments in an row, every number of weeks and thats it.
    Maybe what your doc does is different?
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    thanks for postiing. I have never had accupuncture, but I know what it is. Needling is very different in the fact that the dr. finds a trigger point (I have Myofacial Pain Syndrome as well as FM) he finds them by taking a paper clip and opens it up so one end is straight and runs it gently down my neck, shoulders or where ever the MPS is bothering me. He then tells me to tell him when it feels sharp. When he goes over an area that feels sharp to me he marks it with a pen, and thats a area that he needles.
    He then takes a very fine needle with some kind of freezing in it, and pokes it into me and gentle moves it around (and puts the freezing in at the same time) and touches the muscle with the tip of the needle looking for those nasty trigger points. The muscles jump and jerk when he finds them as the release. This is painful, some are real zingers! You don't usually have imediate relief, it takes time. After the muscles are a bit slack and need to be strengthened. It takes a number of days for the soreness to go away after a treatment. He usually doesn't do them any closer then 2wks apart. This time he did some on my leg (outer thigh). He didn't need the paper clip for those cause those you could easily feel just by pressing on them. They are very painful and lumpy. My neck and shoulder are so tight you'd have to squeeze very hard for me to feel anything.
    It had been 2 yrs since my last set of needling. I need to call his office and set up more appointments as they where all on lunch when I left.
    I have to get someone to drive me in (90 mile trip one way) as I can drive home with my neck and shoulder in pain and frozen from the freezing! Thats a bit of a pain finding someone to do that since it is a day trip.
    Hope this helps. Oh, I live in Canada, and not many places do this kind of treatment
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    my GP sent me to this Dr via a recommendation to my boss from one of her friends. He is the one who formally diagnosed me with FM and CMPS. I have a book called Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofacial Pain Syndrome: A Survial guide (mom has the book, can't remember authors name). It is an awesome book, shows where trigger points are and how the radiate pain in different areas, and explains the dif between FM and CMPS. I had been waiting about 6 months to get back on with this Dr. They have a stupid system. After I was done my first series of needles, 8 appointments every 2 wks, I had to go back on a 4 month waiting list. Then I had 2-3 treatments. Tthen I hadn't gone is 2 yrs,as things weren't too bad in my neck and back, but when it got bad enough and I phoned for and appointment I was told I had to get another letter of referal sent from my GP! (NOT impressed!) I wouldn't of waited so long haad I known that!
    Still waiting for them to call me back to make more appointments. I hated needles too,,,, now I have no fear! You don't see them anyways. It takes me about 2 wks to recover properly when he does my neck and shoulder muscles.

    Bear,,driven by the Lake of the Woods but never been camping or anything there. Have u been there?

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