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  1. polarsmile

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    Does anyone know if false positives are common for CMV?

    I'm being treated for lyme and have tested positive for CMV.
  2. danisue22

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    Hi Polarsmile, Please forgive me but I have no idea what CMV is. Could you be a little more specific. Thanks Danisue
  3. Louisiana

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    I was seen by an infectious disease physician about 2 years ago because of recurrent Epstein-Barre and a new diagnosis of CMV. From what he explained to me, false positives are highly unlikely. If you think your test was false, insist on a repeat. I don't think any physician will turn you down on that. Devestating news, isn't it? Along with FMS, CF and being in pain much of the time, now I also have the diagnosis of CMV. Be sure to follow-up on this. Good luck.

    For DaniSue and anyone else: CMV is cytomegalovirus. Related to the herpes family, but more serious. usually found in people with decreased immune systems.
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