CNN says 50% of drs would quit if they could

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Leaknits, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member


    I put this up at Health board, too...just thought some might be interested.

    Well there I was at CNN Online, looking for archives about Sen O/Prez-elect Obama's Youth Corps, among other things.

    Got sidetracked by the results of surveyed drs who, as I put in Subject, would close their doors today if they could.

    Here's a place to read reactions:

    If the story doesn't tick you off you might want to check your pulse.


    EDIT: I heard from an e-friend today that many drs are refusing to accept patients who are dependent on Medicare because it was Big Gov't decided some months ago that Medicare-patient-accepting drs won't get a raise in what they are paid.
    This is very bad; right now I can think of five friends who are dr-searching and unable to get help...because of Medicare.
    End EDIT.


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  2. wendysj

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    Like almost everyone on this board... I have had my fill of doctors. They (most) get angry if you question them, make you wait 40 min to an hour before seeing you, speak to you like a child, never admit when they may have missed something. Luckily, I have finally (FINALLY) found a doctor who treats FM/CFS and believes me when I say "exhausted and pain".

    I say the doctors who would quit, need to quit. If they're not interested in helping people, they are in the wrong field anyway!

    (Yes, this got my blood boiling when I read it this AM.)

  3. BlueSky555

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    why can't they???

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  4. Nimzovich76

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    The reality is that many get into this profession to feed their Egos, which is really the root of all unhappiness. Health care in the U.S is the most expensive in the world by far, i.e. the cost of putting a cast here and taking X-rays of a broken bone is easily 10 times more than in many other countries. Med students don't want to get into primary care because there is not "enough" money, therefore the U.S is one of the worst countries in terms of preventive medicine. Without good preventive medicine there's guaranteed business for the specialists.
    Health care is a great business, because is not a choice for the consumer. Hence, without regulation, they can charge as much as they want. The government really needs to step up and regulate this industry.
  5. Leaknits

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    I really don't KNOW why they can't but maybe recently-out-of-med-school drs are trying to pay off the loans that let them go to school in the first place.

    Then too, there's what Jaminhealth said about lifestyle and wanting to continue with that.

    Seems to me, though, that with all the stressors that drs run into, a lot of them would be justified in quitting.

    Then there are those we wish would quit because they don't know how to treat patients like grown up human beings.

  6. Leaknits

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    I don't think drs are taught now to heal anyone. They just mostly (the ones I've seen anyway and that number is way high) order pills for symptoms.

    My current guy gets frustrated and acts halfway angry at ME if I can't tolerate something he says might help. I'm serious, at each appt he seems to feel he has to bring up the subject of my being allergic/sensitive to so many fixits that don't. Fix it, that it.

    I've totally given up trying to find someone to help with ME/CFS/Fibro. I mean real help, maybe something that would actually make the rotten d'ds go away.
    So I keep going back for pills that mask pain; that's the best he can do.

    But the brainfade, the exhaustion, the can't sleep? HA. He's experimented with so many different things I felt like a hamster stuck in its' cage until I finally told him "Look. Let's forget trying to help me with these things that can't be fixed."

    He actually looked relieved.

  7. gongee

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    There are good doctors and bad doctors and I have seen them all. So many of them need to be out of the medical profession as I believe they have forgotten the Oath they took to beomce a physicians.

    Now on the other hand, my son is a doctor and I hear what he deals with on a day to day basis. He is required to see 40 patients per day, spending no more than 10 to 15 minutes with them. If for some reason the time goes over on one patient, he has to make it up on another. He himself says you bearly get to say HI much less listen to they problems. It hurts him when a patient comes in with a list of problems but he is only allowed enough time to dwell on two things on the list. They have to make another appointment to discuss more. Then there is all the red tape they have to go through with the insurance companies to get tests approved that are needed so badly, plus the drug seekers they deal with. Even though they are stressed out and pressured to pay back thousands of dollars for their schooling, I think the biggest complaint they have is that they cannot practice medicine the way it was intended to be done. Their hands are tied.I can remember when my son was in residency and would be evaluated every month and each month it was the same thing - takes too long with patients. I told him if that is the only thing that they could find wrong with him as a physician, keep doing it.

    The sad part is my son started out more than dedicated, but I has gone one, I saw him changing also and he said sometimes he wished he had of pursued a different avenue.
    He has changed from an office practice to Emergency Mediciine, and even thought he still deals with the same stuff, I think I see that spark coming back in his eyes. Sheila
  8. aftermath

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    FYI, this survey was of primary care physicians only.

    In many states, they are making less money than cops, firemen and teachers--yet they have a massive workload and crushing student debt.

    I can't blame them.

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