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    My co workers and I are pretty positive we are suffering long term damage from a carbon monoxide leak at work....we have had symptoms for around 2 years. We had asked to Manager about 1 1/2 years ago to look into the problem.....she got mad and did nothing. We finally found there was a leak a few weeks they will do nothing for us....we stressed gow we needed to be tested for problems and they are not willing to help. What to do?
    Sorry I really did not give enough detail.....Only of of us girls has insurance and she is the one who went in for feeling terrible all the time. Her test cameback ''severe carbon monoxide poisoning'' .[This Message was Edited on 05/30/2012]
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    ProHealth does not provide doctors, legal professionals or experts within industries to provide answers to such a serious situation as you post. So realize you are getting suggestions from regular people just like you.

    Sadly I have found that when it comes to family medical leave, etc., firms with less than 50 people are exempt, so workplaces can vary on what rules apply. As to workplace carbon monoxide leaks and dangers, I truly don't know the law and regulations and I believe it differs if you are a federal facility.

    Below is an article on OSHA, read it and remember that the rights may be different in your state.

    The article above states your concerns must be submitted to the employer in writing (and a good suggestion would be by certified mail, return receipt requested).

    Remember that although you suspect symptoms over the past two years, you need more--you need ailments that were treated by doctors/specialists that were proven to have a direct cause to CO by testing. That is what your employer would want to see and if a worker had that, then a workers comp claim should have been filed immediately back then. Also, do you know for sure that the latest CO leak has not been fixed or are you guessing.

    If you are in a union, you would bring all of this up with your union. But none of this stops any of you from getting tested on your own to protect your health. Another suggestion would be a consultation with legal counsel as to the proper procedures you should follow.

    Remember that if no one has ailments diagnosed by doctors/specialists as connected with CO poisoning and you claim there are CO leaks, your actions could bring consequences of loss of your job.

    Also, read this PBS article from Frontline and know that you are not alone with companies not stepping in to help employees--the one comment in the article says the people either quit or get killed--that's pretty sad. That is something I want you to be aware of and you wouldn't think it would happen.

    Research for yourself, consider all of the above, read the OSHA article, and then decide what you want to do. In that decision consider that your life is valuable and we all have to make decisions about our health. If you have no proof of CO poisoning among the workers, but suspect CO leaks, it may be easier to just consider another job and get out of there now before your health is compromised. Many hugs and I know this is a hard decision.
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    I see TwoCat has already provided you with some good suggestions.

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    You contact OSHA. Good luck.

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