Co Q 10...Please explain uses and sideffects,

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  1. Hinemoa

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    I have checked the library and the message list and I can't find a satisfactory reason for taking Co Q10.

    I have a great many chemical sensitivites and I'm medication-shy, but I feel that Co Q10 might help my CFS symptoms. Trouble is I don't know exactly what it is used for. Sounds nuts I know but there you are. Can you shed some light on this please?


  2. SjVa

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    and haven't tried it out yet. It might not be too much help to you but this is what it says on the bottle :
    "It provides powerful antioxidant protection from free-radical damage that often leads to premature aging, and helps the body convert food into energy. Although naturally produced, one's Co Q-10 levels decline with age, making it important to take Co Q-10 daily."
    It seems that I also read/saw somewhere that it helps improve heart function.
    Hope this helps some.

    also a Sandra :)
  3. loriRn

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    COQ10 claims to help your body at the cellular to help your muscles be more effeciant. It's reccomended for people with heart problems because it helps the heart pump more effeciantly,the heart being a muscle. I take it 150mgs. twice a day and feel it helps me overall, also with my cocnitive ability. It's not a cure all, but it helps me. If you are on a bllod thinner such as coumadin or heparin, it could effect how they work. Thats the only side effect I've read about it. I've not noticed any side effects, been on it since last Oct. Hope this helps.Lori.
  4. Hinemoa

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    Thanks ladies, I'll definitely try this.

    Sometimes you have to follow your own feelings about these things,

    Love Sandra