Co-Workers get mad at me every 3-4 months!!! Help!!!!

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    I have posted here before about the abuse I get at work from these 2 girls. NOW it's about me going to the bathroom alot. NOBODY UNDERSTANDS!!!! They know I drink alot of water and I only go a couple of times between 8-12 noon and 2-4:30 pm. THEY SAID... I go 10 times a day!! NOT TRUE!!! If I went 10 times a day that would mean 5 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon!!! I can't believe they are so insensitive!!!!!! I can't believe they LIE like that to my boss!! We had to have a meeting about this because I got the cold shoulder last Thursday from them. They know I have FMS and do not care. Also they threw in a bunch of silly petty jealous stuff that I know is so made up!!! I just do not know what to do. Because I knew we were going to have this meeting today I woke up at 2 am and have not gone back to sleep. Had to get up at 4:45 am and get ready for work on 4 1/2 hours of sleep!!! Totally hurt and wore out with these 2 girls and my boss just lets them get away with it and when we have meetings he sits there and listens and directs the meetings but its like he does not see what they are doing. They are pulling this crap because they both got into trouble last week for being late and calling in all the time sick. So they felt I needed to get something too. Also they are really good friends and were real mad my boss hired me. Other co-worker says they are jealous!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pamela
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    that I hope your meeting went well. They sound like quite a pair, and you do not need that kind of stress with this DD. Stay calm and let them yammer. They'll catch themselves in their own trap one of these days. Hugs, Lendi
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    Hi Pamela,
    I read your post on the other board this afternoon.(I replyed) Check that out when you can. Is this job worth all of this stress? Talk to your boss alone, it could be that he already knows what is going on with the other 2. There are other jobs out there, if it comes down to it. Your health is more important than 2 jealous people. I feel for you and I am praying for you.

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    Pammy, I am so sorry, you too nice to have to put up with that petty jealousie and that is exactly what it is. Let me tell you about my daughter. She was 21 went she went to work at a bank. She is very beautiful with fm and gets sick alot, like us. She dressed much nicer than the others, and was picked on and accused of not doing her share over and over. She started dressing more like them for awhile, but was still beautiful and sweet. So the crap continued. She hates her job and stress's over it even on her days off. Nothing has helped, she dose more than her share, but never enough for them. They want her to do it all. The manager sits there stuffing her "fat face" and dosen't do her job. I keep telling her t get another job, she dosen't want to start at the bottom again. But is it worth it to be stressed all the time with a job, when you have so much else going on. Maybe you should look around for something else. Are there other jobs you can do out there? Just something to think about. Wish I could make it better for you. Love, Deb
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    and I also have FMS. To me, as a supervisor, the most important thing has been for my employee to be honest with me. I wouldn't recommend this in every situation; you have to know your boss and trust him/her. The same holds true for coworkers. I miss a lot of work due to doctors appts. I try very hard never to take sick days because I'm gone so much for docs. I work even when I can hardly stand up, when I'm almost in tears from pain, and my brain is so addled I wonder what I'm doing there. I find if I can stick it out I usually feel better. My coworkers know that I'm not well, but they appreciate that I'm making an effort.

    It's important not to buy in to toxic people. That is one thing I've learned over the years. I just ignore them, do my job as well as I can so no one can criticize it.

    If you continue to have a toxic workplace, look for another job. Don't wait for it to change -- it probably won't and it certainly is creating a lot of stress for you, making you sicker. This is a way to be loving and gentle to yourself.

    Good luck -- don't be a victim!
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    hi pam, as someone else said i would just ignore them..dont let them get to you..i know its really hard as i have been in situations like this and all..but if you let them get the satisfaction that they are bothering you then it wont ever stop...and i would inform them about harrassment and if you arent in danger of losing your job(if your boss understands)let them know they will be gone before you for unprofessional imature behavior...and also maybe let them know the more they whine about you the less work productivity they have...hey speaking of whine(wine)give them a little gift of the cheepest wine you can get and maybe a slice of cheese to go with it..sorry thats my imaturity coming out but anyhow hang in there.
    good luck

    p.s. anytime that they bother you just laugh at them(imaturity)..make the joke on them
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    And save as much energy as you can, I told some people it MIGHT be possible you can get FMS by casual contact such as shaking hands( when I get grief about this thing called FM that does not exist)so just imagine how quick you could get it off of a toilet seat. So keep drinking lots of water and use the restroom as much as you need to,you might be surprised how little they will use the restroom. LOL
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    It really means alot for such excellant feedback. I have been going through this for a year now. They are the most jealous, mixed up people I have ever worked with. They are now being rude to anyone that calls me at work which is very few people..(i'm selling my duplex and once or twice a day I get a call about something). Anyway, I will be checking out the disabilities act and I am documenting EVERYTHING!!! My boss is scared of confronting people. Especially these 2 girls. One even brings her knitting to work!!! Can you believe this? She gets away with murder here...always being late and long breaks and lunches. If I even tried to pull something like this...well you can guess what would happen... Again Thank you all for responding!!! Love Pamela
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    I worked in an office that was similar. I had a great part time job and I let the women run me off. So sorry, they are putting you through this. But I have a question for them, how involved in their work can they be if they have time to monitor and discuss your bathroom habits. Sounds like these gals need more work and a real life.
    I truly sympathize, my bosses answer to me was "wish I didn't have to hire women at all, but can't get any men to do these jobs". So take care of yourself and stay professional and essentially let them have there moment every month. hhmmm. If you need the job, own it and just look at them as if they have some sort of disorder of character that makes them so compassionless. Poor babies, have nothing better to do than watch you.
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    I can't win for losin...there is a 3rd girl that works downstairs in a dept. I have to sub in. She is also a BIG GOSSIPER and monitors my and everyone else's move...but my moves more!! It's like everywhere I turn I get this treatment. This whole building I work in is WOMEN!!!! And they are all fat and ugly!! I'm not trying to be ugly here myself but it is the cold hard facts. And if they aren't fat and ugly by itself they have emotional/mental problems to add to it. See I work for the state so there you go. I thought it would be a better place due to all the laws but that seems to have no effect on insubordination in the workplace. I just do not know where to turn. I need the medical insurance. They all are in it together!!! Thanks again Pamela
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