Coconut Oil/Cream ??? how much how fast when starting ???

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  1. IntuneJune

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    Since coconut has so many healthy benefits, I was excited my order from Tropical Traditions, (looks like they are having a sale by the way) the Virgin Coconut Oil, the Coconut Cream Concentrate and a small jar of the skin products for moisturizing and a book.

    I do have intolerances to fats, but this never concerned me as most fats are not good for you, consequently don't fry, and eat a low fat diet.

    In the book, there were testimonies where folks started off with the oil and were up to 4 tablespoons very quickly....

    This morning, I put the Coconut Cream (which is considered a "food" and is 70% oil) in my Quinoa, and used only 1/4 tsp. also put in a little fresh ginger.

    Maybe an hour later, it was a quick trot off to the bathroom..... :( I am hoping the second, third, fourth hour will not escalate to diarrhea......

    And I am hoping my body will develop a tolerance to this nutritious albeit fat!

    Anybody else have a problem and did you continue/overcome the problem????

    Thanks! June

    Came back just to add, funny thing, I can eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon.....(speaking of MY low fat diet) without this happening. But could never eat a fried meal, say fish and chips.

    Because I CRAVE peanut butter (and chocolate) I thought maybe my body NEEDS more fat. I gave up chocolate for Lent and have not gone back. The peanut butter craving usually comes after supper.....night-time. Am hoping I can use coconut for the fat allowance and the craving for other fats will disappear.

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  2. UnicornK

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    I got the softgels from Source Naturals. I take 4 a day at 4g each. Haven't had a problem with diarrhea. Maybe this is the way to go. You can get them from a health food store, or go to

    God Bless.
  3. IntuneJune

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    Have a jar of the oil and a jar of the cream to go through. It will last quite awhile.

    I had no recurrences of fast trips to the bathroom, so for supper tonight I used the oil to cook the dinner and so far so good.

    Thanks! June
  4. ABLUV

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    I've never heard that coconut oil is supposed to be good for us Fibro people! What's it good for? What if you rub it on your skin. I noticed when I rub vitamin e gel caps on my skin my energy level picks up for several hours (but I can't take it too many days in a row); so I wonder if I did the same with coconut oil what would happen.

    I know you're wondering why I rub vitamins on myself, aren't ya? Well I have reflux like crazy, anytime I take a oily gel cap, the reflux get out of hand. So I figured if the Nicoderm patch and birth control patches worked through skin, then vitamin e would too! I do this with co-enzyme Q10 too and my stomach thanx me very much...:)

    Okay, so tell me about this coconut oil...
  5. IntuneJune

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    I don't like coconut.....but only had the sugary flakes on cupcakes etc up until now.

    So far I have cooked one meal in the oil, put a little cream in my cereal. I'm not jumping over hurdles YET.

    It has tasted fine so far.

    The benefits are numerous. Boosts metabolism to boot. I bought a book about it from the Tropical Traditions, ordered through their website.

    The make "organic virgin" coconut oil.

    Well, they seem sincere.....and have "approvals"

    When reading the book, it seems the oil is just about good for everything. I want to be more specific, but was turning my computer off to go to bed and did one last check. My alarm goes off a 4:15, I start work at 6:00 and it's almost 8:30 here. The fibrofog set in about an hour ago, AND if I remember correctly, it is good for that also.

    You could do a search on this board, that is how I learned about the benefits,and go to their website. I given enough info for a search for the site to come up.

    I'll check back on Friday if you have more questions. I have a shorter day Friday.

    Yes, I have been rubbing the oil on my face all day, going to do my feet tonight!

    Fondly, June

  6. IntuneJune

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    Some benefits claimed by the manufacturers of coconut oil,

    and this list is "backed" by Dr. Joseph Mercola

    Help you lose weight or maintain weight
    Reduce your risk of heart disease
    Lower your cholesterol
    Improve conditions in those with diabetes and chronic fatigue
    Improve Crohn's, IBS and other digestive disorders
    Prevent other disease and routine illness with its powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agents.
    Increase metabolism, provide health thyroid function.
    Boost your daily energy
    Rejuvenate your skin and prevent wrinkles

    This was on the back cover of a book about coconut oil.
  7. IntuneJune

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    According to a book I have, the recommended amount of coco oil a day is 3.5 tablespoons with one tablespoon equaling 14 grams.

    I might be up to 1/2 tsp. a day.

    Anyone else have a slow tolerance......

  8. Suze

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    Hi June -

    I've been intolerant of fats my whole life, and no one has ever figured out why. A couple of years ago I got full-blown malabsorption syndrome just from eating too many nuts on a regular basis. They did tons of tests, but came up with nothing.

    So the thought of adding several tbsp. of coconut oil to my diet has been a little daunting! I read all the posts here, and bought some yesterday. My naturopath suggested starting out small, so I had a half-teaspoon yesterday. I got brave this morning and mixed a teaspoon into my yogurt. We shall see....

    How are you doing with it?

  9. ABLUV

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    getting around to buying the stuff. But was wondering how is everybody else doing with coconut oil? Someone told me it raises bad cholesterol; is that true?
  10. mbofov

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    In addition to what is written above, it also is every effective against candida. I take 2 tablespoons a day and tolerate it well. I think it's helping my thyroid and energy a little too, but I mainly started it to kill a yeast infection, which it did, and now am staying on it for my thyroid. It's also supposed to be good for your skin.

    It's also antiviral, is supposed to kill the herpes simplex virus and other viruses with a lipid coating, and also staph and some other bacteria. There have been reports that it is somewaht effective against the AIDS virus. It works by dissolving the lipid coating of certain viruses.

    I don't know about its effect on cholesterol. I've read it's not harmful. My cholesterol has been on the high side for awhile, so it will probably be rechecked soon and then I can see if it's hurt or helped.

  11. Slayadragon

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    I'm allergic to coconut, and the oil made me feel pretty bad too.

    I think a lot of people are allergic to coconut. If you get a negative reaction it could be because of that, rather than to herxing.