Coconut Oil For Arthritis & More

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  1. jaminhealth

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    I've been cooking with C.O. for many yrs and have from time to time take 1T or so daily but have NOT stayed with that protocol.

    Even though the Anatabaloc is helping I have yrs of stiffness especially in Right I'm doing faithfully 2-3T Nutivia C.O. daily right off the spoon....You can mix the C.O. in foods, etc....

    It is one of the healthiest oils we can consume....I started the 2T yesterday and my right knee feels a tab less painful and stiff today...ummmmmm

    Here is a good site on this great stuff. C.O. has many many health benefits...

    Also, you can google Coconut Oil health benefits and you'll find a lot of info.
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  2. jaminhealth

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    I had posted this on another thread re: yeast and candida

    Just read: 52 Uses of Coconut Oil by Jessica

    It's a miracle oil.

    Just also read: The Suprising Health Benefits of Coconut Oil on Dr. Oz site...

    There is so MUCH info on the benefits of C.O. Gotta be faithful with it and I'm going to do that NOW....and see if my joints will be "looser".....

  3. jaminhealth

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    and also helping bowels...

    Start with a 1T shooter and build yourself up to 3-4T a day. Do your own gauging on this.

    Any blockage will soon be slipping itself happily along your internal water slide. Coconut oil is my go to miracle cure.
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  4. mbofov

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    I found virgin coconut oil to be extremely effective against a yeast infection. I had tried caprylic acid by itself (coconut oil is high in caprylic acid, as well as lauric acid other stuff) and the caprylic acid didn't do much. But the coconut oil caused a strong herx reaction - I knew it was working! I found I had to start with 1 tablespoon a day, 2 was too strong. It's also very soothing applied topically.

    It's great stuff -

  5. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    one doesn't have to buy WD-40's a good oil for so much.

    Everyone needs to gauge their dose...I have no herxing issues, never have....and notice today "nicer" BM's and they've been a little tougher with anatabloc...

    I just ordered a new larger jar of Nutivia as I'm using it MORE daily now...there is even info out there that it helps with weight loss...gotta find that comment again.[This Message was Edited on 03/26/2013]
  6. Soul*

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    I use it to make home made chocolate and dairy free chocolates. Just melt au bain marie (in a pot in another pot with hot water) then mix in carob powder, some stevia and a bit of vanilla. Poor into icecube holders (you can put in broken nuts first) and you have real nice chocolate replacement that isn't like you have to take in a supplement but are just allowed an extra sweet that day :p

    I also use cream of coconut with carob to make chocolate bread spread. Same as above but instead of coconut oil I use the way cheaper coconut cream that has a whole coconut in it and I mix in soymilk to make sure it doesn't become solid but nice and smooth to be able to use it on a sandwich.
  7. rockgor

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    Read about coconut oil. Decided to give it a try. Took me a week. I had to find a source (couldn't find it
    on Pro Health) and remember to order it and have the energy to do it. Hard to get all those bits
    coordinated. Anyway I ordered it today.

  8. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reminder, Rock, I will get a tsp now and lap it down...TJ's has a reasonable priced organic CO, 16 oz for $6...nice product. I buy mine there when I go to TJ's....not often but otherwise buy it online...Whole Paycheck's is too pricey normally, unless they have sale on it.
  9. TigerLilea

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    I bought my coconut oil at Costco. It's a 64 oz jar for $20.00 (Cdn).
  10. Soul*

    Soul* Active Member

    Prohealth does have coconut oil. I looked it up a few days back and pinned it.
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    ProHealth does sell coconut oil and they are having a great sale. Check it out.

    Love, Mikie