Coconut Oil is Great for CFS!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jasmine, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    Hi all!
    I just wanted to let everyone know that coconut oil is making my 20 year old CFS/FM feel so much better. I have been taking 3 Tablespoons of coconut oil after breakfast for about one month now. I feel more energy than before I started. Coconut oil is supposed to be good for hypothyroidism and candida too. There are some wonderful articles about coconut oil on google and they even say it is good for CFS. I'm so happy to find something that makes me feel better since it is rare for me to find anything that benefits me.

    I am also continuing my Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig and am much calmer and relaxed and have less phobia and worries which is good for my adrenal exhaustion. I am feeling much more positive. Well, gotta go and do some more EFT.

    Best of Health, Love, Jasmine
  2. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    Just a bump up for this important message!
  3. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    what brand do you use? Doe sit interfere with any drugs? Are there side effects?
  4. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    Hi! I use the Parachute brand of coconut oil I buy at my Indian grocery store. I just heat it in the microwave for one minute and take 3 Tablespoons after breakfast. It is not good for people with high blood pressure and I have not yet noticed any side effects. I'm usually sensitive to almost everything so I was thrilled not to notice any negative effects and only positive results!

    Love, Jasmine
  5. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I was advised by someone who has recovered from CFS to start taking Coconut Oil as part of my treatment program. I am so glad to hear that it has helped you. As well as the EFT which I also am doing - love it!

    Where did you hear that Coconut Oil should not be used if you have high BP? My BP is high but controlled with meds. I cannot take anything that affects BP because it will inevitably cause mine to spike.

    I searched the Tropical Traditions web site where I plan on placing my order and could find no warnings about BP - just the opposite in fact.

    I am going to research this further but would appreciate knowing where you found that info.

    Thank you.
  6. gvmeabrk

    gvmeabrk New Member

    I tried it about 2 yrs ago and it did seem to help some.I added it to hot tea with some stevia for sweetness.I found it to be the easiest way to get it down.If I remember right it must be the cold compressed type...not the same thing that is sold in the bakery departments.You would have to get it through a health food store.I was taking it when I was on the adkins diet so really not sure which one was helping me feel better.But I have read over and over about good affects it has.
  7. Kimelia

    Kimelia New Member

    I actually gained weight by taking it. It was the only thing I changed in my diet so I know that is why. I think I"m the rare exception. I'm always the rare exception, lol.

    I had some tests run at my docs office and one of the things it came back saying was that even coconut oil would make me gain weight due to my thyroid type which the doctor had never seen. He's the one who recommended I take it..

  8. twerp

    twerp New Member

    I am very interested in trying this, but it seems I've read/heard that coconut oil, along with palm oil, are very bad for your cholesterol levels because they are saturated fats.

    Are there different types? Is what you are getting in the health food store different from what they add to foods, for example?

    Thanks & Hugs,
  9. gvmeabrk

    gvmeabrk New Member

    The type is diffrent than what you get in candy bars etc...this type of fat is supposed to be able to boost your metabolism and is more readily burned off if I am remembering correctly.When you go to a health food store read the label, If I remember the name I will post it.
  10. pepper

    pepper New Member

    Check out the Tropical Traditions web site and it explains how the pure virgin coconut oil is different from that found in junk food. Dr. Mercola recommends the Tropical Traditions.

  11. gvmeabrk

    gvmeabrk New Member

    Let’s take a look at the healing properties of coconut oil:

    Coconut oil is antiviral, antifungal (kills yeast too) and antibacterial. It attacks and kills viruses that have a lipid (fatty) coating, such as herpes, HIV, hepatitis C, the flu, and mononucleosis. It kills the bacteria that cause pneumonia, sore throats, dental cavities, urinary tract infections, meningitis, gonorrhea, food poisoning, pneumonia, and many, many more bacterial infections. It kills the fungus/yeast infections that cause candida, ringworm, athletes foot, thrush, jock itch, diaper rash and more.
    Coconut oil is called the "low fat" fat. It actually acts like a carbohydrate in that it is quickly broken down in the liver and used as quick energy. It is NOT stored like other fats. It boosts one’s energy and endurance. Many athletes use it blended into their drinks. It also supports thyroid function and increases your metabolism (great if you want to lose weight).
    Coconut oil improves digestion and absorption of fat soluble vitamins, minerals (especially calcium and magnesium), and amino acids. It improves the body’s use of blood glucose and improves insulin secretion and absorption (great for type II diabetes). In fact, many diabetics (type I and type II) use it to reduce their symptoms. One’s risk of diabetes decreases with regular use of coconuts and coconut oil. And as we already mentioned, cooking with coconut oil does not create any harmful byproducts.
    Coconut oil helps the body heal and repair faster. It aids and supports immune function, protecting us from a variety of cancers.
    Coconut oil, contrary to much hubbub, is good for your heart. It keeps our blood platelets from sticking together (and causing dangerous clots). Regular users of coconut oils have a much lower chance of atherosclerosis (clogging of the arteries), arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and strokes. Coconut oil can lower your blood pressure.
    Coconut oil is a natural antioxidant. It protects the body from free radical damage and prevents premature aging and degenerative diseases.
    Finally, coconut oil is the best massage oil on the planet. What it does to your skin, you simply have to witness. It forms a barrier against infections, softens and moisturizes your skin, and prevents wrinkling, sagging, and age spots. It promotes healthy hair and complexion, protects from any damaging UV rays. (It is used in Ron Salley’s products.)
  12. twerp

    twerp New Member

    I appreciate the extra information. It's off to the health food store for me!

  13. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    Hi All!
    Thanks for all the replies! I've been doing more reading about coconut oil and I'm so thrilled and excited about all the bacteria and parasites and stuff that coconut oil kills in the body. I've upped by doseage to 4 Tablespoons every morning after breakfast. I find if I take it in the evening, it tends to make me hyper and awake. I guess it really gets my thyroid going! I don't remember where I read that coconut oil is bad for high blood pressure because I was all over the internet reading about it but you could google it and find it quickly.

    I've read it helps people lose weight but I haven't lost any weight at all and I'm about 40 pounds overweight so I was kinda disappointed about that! LOL! Oh, well, at least I'm fat and energetic! LOL!

    My husband rubs coconut oil on his back every morning to reduce his back pain and it makes a big difference if he skips a day.

    Love, Jasmine
  14. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    I found it on an Indian website. It saws you can use it for your hair and for cleaning brozed items. I am assuming this is the same type you are using. I am trying to figure out how much to buy. It comes in a 100 ml bottle. How much do you go through? How long before you saw benefits? Did you take 3 tablespoons right away?thanks-the site is
  15. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    Hi Jane,
    I started with one tablespoon of coconut oil for a few days and then slowly worked up to four tablespoons increasing by one tablespoon every few days. My body is very sensitive so I increase supplements very slowly. I just finished the bottle I started one month ago this very morning. It's great stuff!

    Love, Jasmine
  16. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    They have three kinds..
    1. Organic Expeller Pressed
    2. Organic Virgin Conconut oil
    2.coconut cream concentrate
    Has anyone ordered from them yet?
  17. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I was told to order the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I ordered it several weeks ago and it hasn't arrived yet. Probably sitting at Canada Customs waiting for the holidays to be over.

    The lady who recommended I try it uses it in place of butter on her bread and oil in cooking and baking. I can't wait to try it.

  18. Tantallon

    Tantallon New Member

    Good info thanks for jogging my memory, was going to look this up but forgot about it.

    Cheers, Sue

    Went and had a look and found this, hope I can post it without any trouble being caused.

    Giardia infections produce symptoms often diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome. Low-grade bacterial infections may also drain the body's energy, causing chronic fatigue. Low-grade infections can be near impossible to diagnose accurately. If a virus is part of the cause, little can be done as there are no drugs that can cure viral illnesses. Giving the wrong type of medication can make matters worse, so experimenting with antibiotics and other drugs is not a good solution.

    What's the answer? Coconut oil may provide a vital solution to chronic fatigue syndrome. The fatty acids in coconut oil can kill herpes and Epstein-Barr viruses which are believed to be major causes. They kill Candida and giardia. They kill a variety of other infectious organisms, any of which could cause chronic fatigue. Some doctors believe it is not the particular germ or organism that matters; any combination of factors or conditions that depress the immune system can lead to CFS. According to them the key to overcoming CFS is strengthening the immune system. Again coconut oil may be the solution. Coconut oil supports the immune system by ridding the body of harmful microoganisms, thus relieving stress on the body. With fewer harmful organisms taxing the body's energy, the immune system can function better.

    Coconut oil provides a quick source of energy and stimulates metabolism. This boost in energy not only lifts the spirit but promotes faster healing. The higher the body's metabolism the more efficient the immune system and the quicker the body can heal and repair itself.
    It's like a carpenter doing some repairs on your house. If he is tired and slow, it will take a long time to do the job, but if he is energetic and anxious to complete the task it will take a fraction of the time. When metabolism is functioning at a higher level our cells are like an energized carpenter anxious to complete the repairs while depressed metabolism causes the cells to work slower, and consequently healing and repair progress slower.

    I believe coconut oil used regularly can be one of the best natural treatments for chronic fatigue there is. Here is what one 46-year-old man experienced:
    "I never thought I was troubled with chronic fatigue syndrome. I was healthy. I ate what I considered a good diet-low in fat, lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. But I noticed as I was approaching my mid-forties my level of energy was decreasing rapidly. Even modest amounts of yard work became a drudgery. After a couple of hours I came in exhausted and it took me two days to recover. By 8:00 p.m. every day I was exhausted, even though I have a desk job. I found myself going to bed earlier and earlier.

    Life was slowing down and I missed the energy I once had. I assumed that what I was experiencing was just the consequence of growing older and left it at that. But then I began to wonder. I saw other people, much older than I, who were more physically active and had much more energy. I then suspected something was wrong. I began to seek ways to improve my health. I learned about coconut and began to eat it in place of other oils. I did this not to cure any illness but simply to improve my overall health. It was several months later when I noticed that the energy I used to have had returned. I no longer wanted to go to sleep at 8:00 p.m. but stayed up till 11:00 without problem. I got less sleep but had more energy. Improvement came so gradually that I didn't notice the change until after several months. And it wasn't until later that I even thought it might be related to coconut oil. Since I've been using coconut oil I have not been lethargic during the day, as I was in the past; I have more energy and accomplish more. I feel really good."

    From "The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil"

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  19. fifthofanickel

    fifthofanickel New Member

    Coconut oil could act as a laxative....Is this true? I have IBS, & would be very hesitant on trying it, if this is so. I too, am so sensitive to meds & supplements & wouldn't want to spend $$ on something that would cause laxative effects. I'm always anxious to try something new, but side effects & spending money wasted is something I try to avoid if I can.

    Anyone had any experience w/this side effect?

    Thanx & Happy New Year to everyone, & praying for a cure for these dd's ...

  20. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Find this really interesting as prior to getting the worse FM/CFS following giardia infection-this is when it first started 15 years ago. I read about a lot of the stars using coconut oil for dietery use(metabolic). I have been thinking about trying it too. Use EVOO presently. Does it raise cholesterol at all? I read it can lower bad chol. Is this true? Sounds worth a real try.
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