Coconut Oil/OLE?

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    Is this True?

    "The fatty acids in coconut oil kill bacteria, viruses, and fungus and also provide a quick source of energy while stimulating metabolism."


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    Sounds too good to be true!

    I read a little about coconut oil and the article didn't make all those claims. If you do a search on this site you'll see previous posts about this oil.

    Personally, I don't know if I could swallow ANY oil. Sounds so gross to me.

    But, hey, if it works for you.........

    Good luck!
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    I've read good things about coconut oil, but it has to be organic virgin oil. If you put organic virgin coconut oil into a search engine, there are quite a few suppliers who also give good accounts of why it's supposed to be so good.

    I sent for some, it smells heavenly and is great for cooking with. I intended to take it regularly but as you said, swallowing it isn't easy, though it tastes ok, just eat or drink something straight after!! So I still haven't got around to taking it regularly.

    It comes in jars and is solid(ish) and white. It doesn't melt till it hits around 74 degrees F.

    I also bought some when in the USA from a shop that sold natural wholefoods and supplements.

    pam xxx

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    That is the same article I read. Pulled up full post.

    May give this a try...???....

    lisa :)