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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 30feeling80, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. 30feeling80

    30feeling80 New Member

    After taking 3tbs of coconut oil a day for two-plus weeks, I have noticed positive results. My skin all over my body is smoother (an unexpected bonus). But best of all, I feel more clear-headed and my energy levels are beginning to increase.

    That's not to say it was all peaches and cream. I went thru some horrible herxing. Still am a little. I had increased pain, lots of running to the bathroom, etc. It's finally getting a little easier.

    I put the oil on low carb toast, mixed some in my tea, cooked an egg with it. There's 3 tbsp.

    I hope some of you try it. It seems to be a good thing.

  2. foxglove9922

    foxglove9922 New Member

    Thank you so much Darlene for keeping us posted on your progress with coconut oil. Do you suffer from CFS or FM?
  3. spartanjt

    spartanjt New Member

    Hi Darlene....long time no talk to! Sounds like you're doing well,,,very good news to hear!

    So what is the deal w/the coconut oil. I've been hearing a lot about this stuff recently from various sources, so i wanted to get the straight scoop from you.

    Where did you buy it? what brand/ what kind (refined,virgin etc....) & how do you take it?

    I've heard it is good for candida/yeast. Dr Kavieff has had me on nystating for intestinal yeast overrgrowth for the past two months. I'm thinking it might be agood time to ask him about coconut oil instead of the meds.

    Appreciate the info & look forward to hearing from you.

  4. ckahele

    ckahele New Member

    i'm also enjoying success w/coconut oil. although i take mine 'straight up' which means right off a spoon!
    my daughter thinks that's just way too gross and puts hers on toast.
    i personally recommend the virgin stuff from tropical traditions if you think you have yeast issues.
    good luck to anyone thinking of trying it.
  5. ertekate

    ertekate New Member

    Bump! KatieB
  6. BxGirl

    BxGirl New Member

    I have coconut oil in the house. I don't like the taste of it when I cook with it. I also was taking it off the spoon.

    Is it for fibro or CFS? What are the actual benefits? Thanks!

  7. ckahele

    ckahele New Member

    because my fibro fog has been so bad i have a real hard time conveying information. best thing to do is go to the tropical traditions website and read their info.
    i'm taking it to help kill the yeast that's invaded my system.
  8. 30feeling80

    30feeling80 New Member

    Hi, everybody. Good to hear all the feedback.

    Foxglove, I have both CFIDS and FM. I believe my immune system is getting stronger and would like to believe it is in part because of coconut oil.

    JT, Great to hear from you as well. Glad you are still seeing Dr.K. I take virgin coconut oil from Tropical Traditions. You can get it at the Good Food Co, probably Zerbos, too. (haven't looked.) But Tropical Traditions has their own website and you can buy it there.

    I mix it in my foods. I take 3 tablespoons a day. (worked my way up) It has antimicrobial properties and also kills yeast.

    Nystatin is a kick-butt medication, but can be hard on the liver. It certainly wouldn't hurt to ask Dr. K about coconut oil. He may be glad you are open to such remedies. After 2 months of Nystatin, you may be ready for something else.

    BxGirl, Taste should not be an issue if coconut oil is virgin. Tropical Traditions is virtually tasteless. Now, texture is a different story. Not many people can put a spoonful of 'lard' in their mouth. That's what it feels like. (CKAHELE, you are brave.) That's why many people mix it in their tea, their foods or on their toast.

    CKAHELE, what kind of success have you noticed? Share more of your success story.

    Knock on wood, but I am noticing an increase in energy. I swear this is a good thing. Any skeptic should at least give it a go.

    Take care, all.
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  9. retrogirl

    retrogirl New Member

    So glad to hear others are benefiting from the coconut oil.I really researched it before trying it and was so disappointed that it didn't help me.I took it for almost 2 months and gained so much weight and was so sick from it I had to stop.So, if others have not done well taking it don't feel bad-you are not alone.So many times my body seems to react in the opposite way others seem to react.I gained weight,headaches, had less energy ,foggier thinking and joint pain.I don't think I was still herxing at almost 2 months.Maybe I'm allergic to coconuts(hey,it could happen)
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  10. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I haven't tried c. oil, but I get constipated from flax seed oil, couldnt even have bread w/ seeds for the longest time either, I've slowly gotten over the sensitivity though. Psillium constipates me brutally, and it's in most laxatives, I'll use a bit to stop up diarrhea.

    When I took amytriptaline (Elavil) for sleep and morn. stiffness, it worked alright, but I started really losing wiehgt I couldn't afford to lose, killed my appetite deader than a doornail, and everyone gains weight on it. They had to switch me to nortriptaline (a cousin) which didnt' work as well, but I finally did gain back much needed weight. I'm sure there are many others, just some commiserations.

    Ok, back to subject, I'll have to check out the coconut oil, I have chronic yeast.

    It's not that I'm afraid of fat, I take 3-4 grams/day of salmon oil, but that's different and I didn't gain wiehgt. I"m curious how they justify taking so much saturated fat though, some would definitely gain weight on it?

  11. spartanjt

    spartanjt New Member

    Thanks for the update re the brand info. next time to Zerbo's maybe i'll pick up a bottle & give it a try.

    I saw Dr K again last Friday & he muscle tested w/the nystatin & i don't have to take it anymore. He recommended a nutritional candida supplement called Candicid Forte, which i started taking this weekend. I contains some very good anti- yeast ingredients & i'm on just two caps per day as a maintenance against re-deveoping a proble.

    I didn't ask you if you had ever gone back to Dr K, &/or what docs are you now seeing?

    Dr K's new offices are very nice ( if you have not been out there yet) & his receptionist Kelly is still working there too.

  12. 30feeling80

    30feeling80 New Member

    I haven't been to Dr.K since he moved. Money is an issue for me. Because so, my family doctor will often consult with me over the phone. And if I do need to go in, my insurance will cover the office visit with a small copay. (but not at Dr.K's).

    I'll bet you're relieved about not having to take Nystatin anymore. You're definately in good hands.

    I am waiting for my SSI hearing with an ALJ. It may take another year. If it goes thru, I will be able to afford Dr.K again, as well as other costly supplements. You know how well they can add up.

    Take good care of yourself and keep me updated on your progress as well as any new info you may stumble upon.

  13. ckahele

    ckahele New Member

    i'm kinda long winded but i'll try to restrain myself...
    i have both fm/cfs. my ears perked up about the coconut oil cause folks said it would increase energy.
    i went to the trop trad website and it sounded good and i figured..why not-at this point i'm desperate.
    the day it came i jumped right in with a big spoonful.
    big was like eating coconut scented candle wax. but i figured if it's good for me then i'll just suffer and choke it down anyway. NOW-i actually crave it. why you may ask? Because it has worked wonders for me.
    the first thing i noticed was that i stopped craving sugar and carbs. for example, one day my son asked me "mom, how come you eat like five popsicles at a time?" we're talkin the double stick popsicles. i figured out why thanks to the coconut oil. YEAST.
    i had no idea i even had yeast or knew how it infiltrates and damages your system but when i started feeling so good and stopped craving and noticed my big pillsbury doughboy stomach flattening i started researching....oh yeah-i got the yeastie beasties to the max.
    bottom line:
    1. it stopped my cravings for sugar and carbs.
    2..i have more energy -- this is probably due to the fact that without the yeast i'm healthier. has helped settle down my IBS. i'm much more 'regular' instead of going thru the constipation/diarreha merry-go-round.
    i've started my daughter on it cause i see her having alot of the same problems as me (bad gene guilt). and i'm encouraging my mom and one of my sisters to start it too.
    good luck for anyone wanting to try it.
  14. tansy

    tansy New Member

    is working well for some of you, it's safer than most meds and deals with variety of health issues common in these DDs.

    Unfortunately I cannot tolerate coconut in any of its forms, my GI tract reacts to it but worse still it can trigger hyperthyroid symptoms. One of the reason it helps weight loss it it can raise thyroid levels, since many with these DDs have both weight problems and sub clinical thryoid levels it's an added bonus.

    So with cocnut oil you get a lot of potential benefits from just one food.

    love, Tansy
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  15. spartanjt

    spartanjt New Member

    Hi Darlene- it's been a have you been??

    I recently ran out of the Candicid Forte candida supp that Dr K recommended & was going to switch over to the coconut oil.

    Are you still taking the Tropical Traditions brand ? & is it continuing to help you?

    take care.

  16. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I bought a large tub of it at the Wal Mart Supercenter, but haven't tried it yet either.

    Does it affect the taste of meats, or eggs, fried in it?

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