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    has anyone used coconut oil in their food , I"ve been reading articles on this And I"d like to know if anyone has used it. thanks.
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    I take the supplements. But have a good friend who mixes it with spreadable
    butter. 50/50 is the ratio she uses.
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    I make a delicious protein bar which uses coconut oil. It's wonderful. I put the recipe below. Also I've taken to cleaning my face with it. I first wash my face with water and a wash cloth, then slather it in coconut oil and then wipe with tissues, and it removes makeup etc. which didn't get cleaned with the washcloth. And it leaves my skin feeling nice. some people spread it on their, toast, cook with it, etc. It is a good fat which our bodies use easily for energy, unlike some other fats. But of course moderation as in everything because it is high in calories, as all fats are.

    Almond Power Bars

    2 cups raw almonds
    ½ cup flaxseed meal (you can buy flaxseed meal, or just grind up whole flaxseeds in your coffee grinder)
    ½ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
    2 scoops whey protein powder
    ½ cup almond butter (I used peanut butter instead - the “natural” kind with just peanuts and salt)
    ½ teaspoon salt
    ½ cup virgin coconut oil (available at health food stores or on-line)
    8 drops liquid stevia or 3/4 tsp. (or to taste)
    1 Tbsp. vanilla extract
    8 squares unsweetened chocolate, melted and sweetened to taste with stevia (or use bittersweet or semisweet chocolate)

    Place almonds, flax meal, shredded coconut, whey powder, almond butter and salt in a food processor. Pulse briefly, 10 or 20 seconds.

    In a small saucepan, melt coconut oil over very low heat (coconut oil melts at around 76 degrees, so, depending on the weather, you may not need to melt it on the stove). Remove coconut oil from heat and stir in stevia and vanilla.

    Add coconut oil mixture to other ingredients in food processor and pulse until mixture forms a coarse paste.

    Press mixture into 8 x 8 glass baking dish (lining it with parchment paper will help remove the bars)

    Chill in refrigerator one hour, until mixture hardens.

    In a double boiler, melt the chocolate, stirring in stevia to taste*. Spread melted chocolate over the bars; return to refrigerator for 30 minutes, until chocolate hardens. Remove from refrigerator, cut into bars and serve.

    *I had trouble getting the chocolate properly sweetened with stevia and next time just used sugar (but used no sugar in the bars themselves). And one time just used semisweet or bittersweet chocolate and that worked great as is.
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    the bars sound really good, and I guess you can fry with it. the article that I was reading was that it helps a slow thyroid. So I really want to try it. I"m going to start out slow with a tablespoon and then increase to 3 @ day.I hope it helps my many symtoms. I"ll repost in a few weeks and let you know what I find out. thanks again.
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    A tablespoon in bathwater make you feel silky smooth and it is great just as a moisturizer (I have really dry skin from liver disease). It's even good for my kitty's coat! And they love to lick it off my fingers! You can even take it by itself or use it in place of cooking oil at a lower temp. Tastes good too!

    Soft hugs,
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    Coconut oil is also very effective against yeast infections. For a yeast infection, start slowly with 1 tbsp. (you can eat it plain - it melts in your mouth!), as it can cause a strong herx reaction - it really works good, and then go up to 2 tbsp. a day.

    You can also apply it topically to the affected area, very soothing.

    Also, it melts at 76 degrees, so will be liquid or solid, depending on the temperature in your house. But also will last for about 2 years before getting rancid - it's great stuff.

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    One more thing - virgin coconut oil is the best kind, it's the least processed. I buy it on-line for the best price.