Cod Liver Oil/fish oil helps my sleep dramatically/Massages help too

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    My biggest issue with fibromyalgia is sleep. I had been taking two or three 1,000 mg. of Carlson's Cod Liver Oil and fish oil. (The Cod Liver Oil has Vitamin A, and I didn't want to overdose, so I use both) I had been sleeping only two or three hours at a time, and awake for much of the night. My daughter-in-law insisted that I needed to take much more... up to 8-10 a day. I finally relented and tried seven and slept 6 hours solid. Now I take eight a day, and have been sleeping 6-8 hours solid every night. I can even roll over and go back for another hour... totally unlike me. It is now two weeks and I know now that it is not a coincidence. I notice stiffness is improved, as well.
    My sleep continues to improve. I might mention I eat salmon and tuna.. only organic from certain sources.. 4-5 times a week, but the sleep improved when I started increasing my Carlson's fish oil and Cod Liver Oil intake. I can not believe the difference. It is so good to sleep. :)[This Message was Edited on 12/30/2009]
    I continue to sleep better, so I know the fish oil/Cod Liver oil helps in a big way. I want to add that I get massages, and they make a big difference, and I do fitness, Yoga, and linedance. I am 67, by the way, and if I stretch every day in a nice hot tub, my flexibility is good and that helps my fibromyalgia since my worst pressure points are the ones in the hip area. But getting sleep makes the biggest difference.[This Message was Edited on 01/03/2010]
    I guess I should also add in this post that when I found out I had fibromyalgia, I was teaching on 2-3 hours of sleep a night, and unable to make dinner... sometimes crawling into bed, as I had used up all energy, and had all the symptoms that went with it and terrible migraines.. always sick all the time and thought I had a virus or the flu all the time. Then I was told to take Malic Acid, which is fruit acid from apples, and MSM, fish oil, and it changed my life. Now that I have increased the fish oil, I sleep... finally.
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    See my article on proper dosage of fish oils.[This Message was Edited on 01/06/2010]
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    I wonder if part of it is due to the omega 3 fatty acids in the fish oil, which are crucial for brain health (can help prevent depression etc.)- anyways, am very glad for you. You do have to be careful with the cod liver oil because of vitamin A, but I don't think there's any such issue with fish oil.

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    I used to take cod liver oil and/or fish oil capsules and noticed a difference in mood, cognitive functioning, and a few other things....unfortunately my stomach has started rejecting most things, inc those, and I hate not being able to take them, bc I can tell the difference.....glad that it is helping you
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    Fish oil doesn't have the Vit. A, so I am continuing my eight 1,000 mg. capsules a day.
    It is amazing, as my sleep issues were so frustrating. It is almost unbelievable.
  5. SallyMSO

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    Thanks so much, as sleep makes a difference. I hope you find something else that works for you.
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    Yes the amount of pollution, mercury in fish oil is problematic and my doctor recommended the pharmaceutical grade. Unfortunately, it is much more expensive.

    Another precaution is krill oil. Krill are related to shrimp and like Shrimp, you can develop an allergy to it even if you have not had a reaction before. Because you are taking it daily it makes the odds of having an allergic reaction more likely.

    This happened to my daughter when she ate some shrimp. Now if she even touches shrimp, she breaks out in hives.

    What is disheartening is that Shrimp has always been one of her favorite foods.

    Good advice.

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    I believe that Dr. Cheney says that we oxidize fish oil and should not take it because it lowers our energy. Maybe eating wild salmon and sardines would be better. anniejam
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    Hi SallyMSO
    What time in the day do you take the fish oil? Do you take it in the evening?TN
  9. AuntTammie

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    I have a lot of respect for him and I appreciate that he continues to try to find solutions for us......however, I have found that much of his recent advice not only goes against what I read other places, but it also goes against what I have experienced personally....several of the supps that he advises against taking have given me some improvements in the past, and I noticed that since I have not been able to stomach fish oil I have been having a lot more issues (less energy, dry eyes, headaches, more brain fog, etc, etc).....his advice on oxygen is another thing that runs contrary to my own experience

    I could be wrong about this, but I think Rich had written somethign about the possibility that the way he (Dr Cheney) is testing this stuff is only showing immediate results on our bodies, and his (Rich's, I think) thought was that maybe the initial reaction and the longer term reaction are very different from one another ......If I am mistakenly attributing this to Rich, I apologize

    Anyway, this is by no means intended as a put down of Dr Cheney, and some might do very well following his advice......this is just based on how I have responded and based on most current medical advice, as well as what I have read from others who have personal experience with this stuff, too....and we all know that current medical advice is not always great, too
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    How much fish oil do you take? Are you sure the dosage is safe?

  11. SallyMSO

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    Hi Tennisnut!

    I split up my fish oil and Cod Liver Oil... taking it in the morning, at lunchtime, and with my evening meal... plus sometimes adding a couple at another time.

    My sleep continues to improve. I am excited, as it was so frustrating and I was so tired. What a difference.

    I also get massages to help my fibromyalgia.
  12. SallyMSO

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    I take a couple capsules of 1,000 mg. of Cod Liver Oil a day, and the rest is fish oil because the Cod Liver Oil has Vit. A. It varies, but 6-8 a day, and I sleep best when I take the 8.

    I have checked Donna Gates site and Mercola's site, both big health folks, plus asked several in the field, and it seems to be safe. I take Carlson's brand as it is supposed to be safe. I eat wild caught fish.
    Fish oil helps people with neurological issues which fibromyalgia is... I was hesitant at first, but I am so happy getting sleep.
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    See my post on proper dosage of fish oil.[This Message was Edited on 01/06/2010]
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    Aussiewoman, your post is interesting. I was glad to read it. I only take Carlson's Brand Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil, as they are approved on the "healthy" sites I read. Both contain Vit. E.

    Donna Gates site, Body Ecology, and both support fish oil. I went to Mercola's site to quote him on the last post I wrote about how much to take safely. According to him I should take 12 a day, but so far I have stayed with 8, as my sleep has really improved.

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    Aunt Tammie, have you tried taking something dry with them (crackers) or milk?
  15. SallyMSO

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    In my case, I have more energy... so it isn't true for me.