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    Becky sent me this in an email. :)

    It were interestin. :)

    Howdy do, y'all. :) How y'all a doin?

    Rachel n Wendy n the Kitty Crew is all a doin good. :) N I'm a doin a mite bit better'n yesterday. :) I started on carvin the right side a the frame, Diane. :)

    Did Kevin like his soup? Did ya make his noodles fer im? :)

    Has Faith tied erself up in a knot yet? LOL
    Jerry, headin fer some hot coffee on a cold cold mornin. :)
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    I'm right glad I could make ya spit. LOL I put that picture up yesterday. :) Henry sent it to me, n it got me laughin so hard I couldn't breathe. LOL

    I liked the Ziva epsiode. :) N I love the Short Little Ninja too. :) She's the reason I started watchin. :) I weren't plannin on watchin the first episode, but Wendy taped it fer me, n I left it runnin. She had me grinnin afore the first half hour was up. LOL

    Did Kevin like the Ziva episode? :)

    I told Rachel about Kevin wantin soup acause a her soup, n she's a grinnin like a baboon. :)

    Samson's out in the barn again, with Toes. :) N KK is a runnin fer is life again, with Bob after im. :) He don't got to run quite so fast when it's Bob a chasin im, acause Bob's belly a swingin back n forth slows im down some. LOL N what's even funnier is, KK didn't mean to pounce on Bob's head. LOL Bob was playin with a mousey in fronta the couch, n KK jump up n over the back a the couch, n landed right on Bob. LOL

    Big Al n Hercules is both up on toppa the door, watchin the chase. :)

    N yep, I got the fires a goin, keepin the house nice n warm n dry n toasty. :)

    Jerry, headin fer some coffe, n to do some more carvin. :)
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    I been out in the barn carvin, n I'll reach fer my coffee, n find it's empty. :) N I'll realize I been workin on that rose fer a while. :) N I've only had to start over once today. LOL Iffen I weren't workin on the frame fer Rachel n Walter, I'd be nappin, most like. :)

    Naw, KK n Bob wored themselves out. :) Bob's sleepin on the rug in front a the Ben Franklin in the kitchen, n KK's snoozin on my monitor. :)

    It kinda sounds like Faith is a Short Little Ninja, too. LOL

    N now ya got Rachel smilin like a baboon again. LOL

    I hope yer still alive, n Faith the Evil Kitten ain't done bumped ya off. :)
    Jerry, wonderin iffen yer the one Mittens n Faith is gonna dispose of in the dumpster. :)

    PS: Rachel's plannin on makin ten gallons a soup tomorrow, n cannin it Friday. :)
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    Or it mighta been the shakin, from stickin yer hand close to an Evil Kitten. LOL

    Yep, we's a havin chicken soup with dumplins, n some biscuits, fer supper. :)

    Y'all have a right good evenin, my friend, n I'll talk to ya tomorrow. :) Wendy's callin me to table. :)
    Jerry, hurryin so's Wendy don't feed my soup to the Kitty Crew. :)
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    How y'all a doin? Wendy n the Kitty Crew is all a doin good. :) N I figger as Rachel n Walter is both a doin good, or I'd a heard about it. :) I'm a doin okay. I figger as I'm a 9.2 today. :)

    How was yer weekend? :) Did ya git a lot done? I finished carvin Rachel n Walter's frame fer their weddin picture. :) I've oiled it, n now it's ready to put in the picture. :) They's a comin over fer supper, n I'll give it to em then. :)

    I been out to the barn, purty much all weekend. :) Exceptin fer when I'm in the house, pettin a kitty. :) I started workin on the frames fer the Weddin poem ya sent. :)

    I hope yer feelin better, my friend. :) I'm a headin fer some lunch. :)
    Jerry, headin fer a couple a chipped ham sandwiches. :)
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    N it's right good news that ya could go out with Kevin. :)

    N I'm right sorry to hear about yer computer givin ya severe eye strain. :( The same kinda thing happened to me after I hurt my back. I weren't able to do much a anything, so I was a sittin at the computer fer ten or 12 hours a day, purty near every day. After a couple a months, I started gittin bad headaches, n then I started gittin nausea, n then we had to shut off our internet, n I stopped sittin at the computer, n my headaches n all went away. :) N I didn't git back on it at all fer a couple a months, n when I did, it didn't bother me none. :) N thinkin on it, I'm a wonderin iffen Brenda didn't cancel the internet so's I'd git offen the computer. :)

    Yer welcome whenever yer able to come around, my friend. :) I'll keep a chair open fer ya. :)

    N Belated Happy Birthday, Granni. :)

    I'll talk to ya tomorrow, my friend. :)
    Jerry, headin fer a cup a coffee. :)
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    Too much has been going n here lately. Sorry I haeny been ablae to check in on you al.

    First we had company for almost a week and then ff to daughtrs for a weekend in Crowley, a suburb of Ft. Worth. We had a nice time and I got to eat at a nice winery/restaurant for an early birthday dinner. We also had a nice visit.

    Before that our computer died. Our son said it was a lost cause and so we may be buying a new laptop this weekend when Window's 7 comes out. We are using our son's x tra laptop now til we get something new.

    Also, when we woke up this morning we found out that someoe has been usin and trying to use my Master card number. We think it was at a Mickey D's on the way to and from our daughters. To make a very long story short we canceled all my cards or most cuase we weren't sure t first which card it was. Then we found out and canceled it. What a major pain the butt. That was the first time that wehad even used a CC for Mickey D's. It will most likely be the last too.

    I just noticed that Jerry started a new thread. So, here I am. I have to check on Cody the cat later. Glad you started a new one as it was taking forever to download already :) !!

    How cold is it by you Jerry?????. it sounds awfully cold.

    Thanks fr the belated birthday wishes both of you, Sounds like you are both busily coking again . IT is starting to get chilly again around here but probably like summer to you both :) !! It was 40's and 50's in the morning i think. Bye for now. I hae to go and start an early supper as I have chorale practice tonight.

    Hugs to you awl,
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    Rachel n Walter n Wendy n the Kitty Crew is all a doin good. :) N I reckon as I'm still a 9.2 today. :) I don't much mind bein stuck at feelin decent. :)

    N yep, me n the kitties been enjoyin the warmth. :) They's all a snoozin by the windows, enjoyin the sun. :) I'm a gonna be changin the screens out fer the glass in the walkway this weekend. :)

    I was a tryin to post to ya this mornin, but my internet was so slow I finally give up after it took 20 minutes to type in "greenonions." :(

    Rachel n Walter loved the frame, n Rachel put the picture on their livin room mantle. :) I got two a the frames fer the poem put together, n I'll git another two done today. :) I gotta make 22 of em, all told. :) Doc's wife wants one, n Mary's sisters, n some ladies from Lizzie's church. :) Yer weddin poem is a hit. :)

    Supper was right tasty. :) Wendy made matso balls fer some a the chicken soup. :) N we had mashed taters, n green beans, n hominy, n corn, n sauerkraut, n some deviled eggs, n Rachel baked a pumpkin pie. :)

    I hope yer havin a good day too, Diane. :) I'm a headin fer some leftover mashed taters, n maybe some hominy, n maybe a sandwich or two. :)
    Jerry, hungry as the dickens today. :)
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    Yer Faith is one silly kitty, ain't she? :) Right now, KK's hind legs is hangin on the right side a my monitor, n his front legs is a hangin offen the left side a my monitor. LOL His head is a hangin down, too, n he's a snorin. LOL

    N yep, ya had 22 folks wantin framed copies a yer Weddin poem. :) A course, that's old news. It's up to 23 now. :) One a Wendy's friends asked her to ask me fer one. :)

    My internet is real slow again. :( It took me most of an hour just to type this, n that's without a kitty helpin me. :)

    Y'all take care, my friend, n I'll talk to ya tomorrow. :) N I hope ya can keep from gittin strained. :)
    Jerry, headin fewr some coffee, while Wendy's in the kitchen, makin supper. :)
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    Now that it is time to sign off and start getting ready for beddy bye ! Hope you have a wonderfl evening both of you. I just wanted to check in to see how yu all were doig. Sunds like yu are doing retty good except for the chilly seather. BRRRR - surely sounds cold to me. It has warmed up again but not to much the past ew days. it was chily in the early morning and then warms up quite bit by afternoon again. Today i warmed up nto the high 70's again I think. Gee, they are talking about snow flurries coming up Diane ??? Gee whiz !!

    Did alot of catchup work today. Then had singing pracatice this afternon and then dinner and here I am again..

    Diane - I missed the part about your wedding poem. Could you write it agani or tell me where it is here in the posts.?

    Jerry - What are you carving now? I missed that too. I am so out of it these days, esp on the computer -darn it all !

    Warm up both of you and glad to hear you are both doing pretty good. Please try and stay well !! Wil try and come back to say hi again tomorrow. Gee all those kitties are so funny. They crack me up after reading all about them and their positions on the computer now or wherever they may be :) !!

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    How y'all a doin? Rachel n Wendy n Walter n the Kitty Crew is all a doin good. :) Rachel n Walter come over fer lunch. :) Now Walter's headed back to their place, to git back to work, n Rachel's doin a mite bit a housework. :)

    I'm still stuck feelin decent. :)

    Granni, I'm makin wood picture frames fer the picture with the poem Diane sent Rachel n Walter fer their weddin. :) I just finished makin a wood frame fer their weddin picture. I carved roses on that frame, acause Rachel likes em. :)

    Diane, how'd ya like Gibbs? I just about had an accident when Ziva got Tony with that drink that turned his teeth blue. LOL N I specially liked the Short Little Ninja last night. :) The way she was talkin to the feller with the comic book had me laughin so hard, I just about fell outta my chair. :)

    It's nice n sunny today. :) KK n Socky is snoozin on the back a the couch, n Bob's a layin on is mack, with all four feet stickin up in the air, snorin. :) N Hercules n Samson n Big Al is all lined up on the windowsill, lookin out the picture window. :)

    N ya got me yesterday, late. :) I was almost late seein Gibbs, acause I looked at yer picture. :) Ya made me spit on my monitor, n my keyboard, n my desk, n my shirt, n my pants, n Bob. LOL He weren't none too happy, neither. LOL

    I'm a headin back out to the barn. :) I hope yer a doin good, my friend. :)
    Jerry, who started out watchin Gibbs sittin on a towel. LOL
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad to see that both of you seem to be doing pretty well as wel as all the kitties and Sally.

    Both of your profile pics are really funny. I saw DIANES yesterday and yours JERRY today. Luckily, I to didn't have anything in my mouth too !!

    Jerry - Gee you surely are talented, making beautiful rocking chares and carving on the wooden frames and all. How long have you been working with wood making all these things? They are beautful and will last a lifetime, and then some. If yu can some day please post se of your work. Wd woud love to see it. Some of our friends on the Porch are also artistic and they have posted their art and such at times.

    There you go again not wearing your slickers and water proof floor covers I sent you and having to clean up yourself as well as your surrundings after looking at Dianes' bio pic again..

    Hope it warms up some for you both. The rrain is supposed to come in late today they said and tomorrow to.

    Diane - do you always have to make yourself separate suppers. Gee, that must take alot of time (sometimes anyway). I know that you have allergies, sensitivities or whatever you want to call it and have to be very careful and Kevin needs a low to no salt diet. That is pretty hard in itself, the low salt thing. Ii have that too. However, I just don't salt anythign but Ikow almost eveything is loaded with salt.

    Glad you are both doing pretty good. I need to get outta here and fold some wash before fixing a quick supper. I have choir practice tonight. Hope it is not pouring at that time.

    Bye for now.

    Hugs to you both, (and some pets and scratchies to all the critters too)
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    Wendy ain't home yet, so I don't know iffen it's gone up today. :) Iffen it goes up much more, I'm a gonna have to buy more wood. :)

    I been enjoyin bein able to go out to the barn n enjoy the warm. :) N it's nice to have a chance to sit on the porch n enjoy a cup a coffee without a coat. :) I'm a gonna miss that once the cold settles in fer the winter. :)

    N now ya got me wantin a Chai tea. :)

    Belly used to jump up on the back a my chair when he was a kitten. :) I'd be sittin there, a doin the books, n he'd jump up there n make me jump. :) They was more'n one page in my ledgers that'd have a line across the page acause he made me jump while I was a writin. LOL

    I hope Kevin likes his fish, n I hope ya enjoy yer supper, too. :)
    Jerry, who hears Wendy pullin up outside. :)
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    I'll git ya to spit, sooner or later. :)

    It sounds like yer fridge keeps stuff right cold. :) When I wanna thaw somethin fer supper the next day, I take it outta the fridge in the mornin, n put it in a bowl, n sit it in a cupboard, where the kitty crew can't git to it. :) Or I sit it under runnin water. :)

    Ya oughtta make Kevin cook is own fish. :) Then ya could rest, n maybe pet cute little Tabeet. :)

    Y'all have a good evenin, my friend, n I'll talk to ya tomorrow. :)
    Jerry, headin fer supper. :)
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    How y'all a doin today? :) Wendy n the Kitty Crew is all a doin good. :) I ain't seen Rachel or Walter today, but I reckon they's a doin good too. :) I'm a doin a mite bit better. :) I reckon as I'm a 9.3 today. :)

    Did Kevin git his fish fer supper? :) Wendy made Sjömansbiff fer supper yesterday. :) One a her friends is a Swedish exchange student, n she give Wendy the recipe. :) It were right tasty. :)

    Wendy's figgerin on makin a leg a lamb on Saturday, acause ya got her hungry fer it. :)

    I been workin on the frames. :) I got seven a them done n oiled. :)

    N I been enjoyin the sun. :) Not as much as the Kitty Crew, though. :) They's all sprawled out around the house, sleepin in sunbeams. :) I'm halfways tempted to lay down n nap in the sun myself. LOL A course, I'd probly need help gittin up offen the floor iffen I laid on it fer an hour. :)

    Did ya see Law n Order last night? I just about laughed myself silly when Elliot got kicked. LOL
    Jerry, headin fer a coffee, n maybe some leftover Sjömansbiff. :)
  16. GreenOnions

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    I hope ya can sleep better tonight, my friend. :) I slept like a baby. :) N I don't mean I woke up at 3:00 cryin n collicky. LOL

    They's just about always a kitty chase a goin on here. :) It don't seem like they's all asleep at the same time fer long. :)

    Wendy must be checkin out the board from her phone, acause I got an email from her with the recipe fer Sjömansbiff. :) I reckon the name means Sailor's Steak. :)

    Click to enlarge

    1 1/4 lb. boneless round steak, in 8 slices
    1 1/4 lb. medium potatoes
    2 medium onions
    2 Tbsp butter
    2 tsp salt
    white pepper
    1 1/4 - 2 c water or beer
    1 bay leaf
    1 sprig thyme
    chopped parsley

    Trim meat of any fat. Pound slices lightly to tenderize and flatten.

    Peel and cut potatoes into thick slices.

    In a large skillet, melt 1 Tbsp butter. Add onion, sauté until browned. Remove and set aside.

    Add beef to skillet, and brown on both sides. Season with salt and white pepper to taste.

    Add water or beer, bay leaf, and thyme. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer 10 minutes.

    Preheat oven to 250°F. In a baking dish, layer potato slices, meat, and onion - begin and end with a layer of potatoes. Add liquid to the level of the top layer. Cover and bake 1 to 1 1/2 hours, until meat is tender.

    Garnish with chopped parsley.

    A course, she used water yesterday. :)

    It sounds like ya had a safe supper. :) How many pieces a fish did Kevin lose to thwe kitties? :)

    I like SVU, but I don't genrly git to see all a it. :) I genrly head off to bed by 9:30. :) I stay up till 10:00 fer the short little ninja, n I might have to go back to stayin up fer SVU. :) I was surprised to see Alex back. I guess Sonya is in rehab. :) I liked Sonya well enuff, but I hope they keep Alex. :)

    Jerry, writin a book, by the look a it. :)
  17. GreenOnions

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    N yer right, it is absolutely delicious. :) I figger as Kevin'll be askin fer it this weekend sometime. :)

    Me n Ted been tellin Rachel what all she can expect when she finally gits around to havin a youngun fer me to spoil. :) So I been thinkin back on what it were like havin babies around. :) N I done told Wendy she can wait till she's 19 afore she has to start worryin about younguns. :)

    Ya know that someday Faith's a gonna decide she likes people food, n ya ain't a gonna be able to eat without her nose in yer plate. :) N ya got me laughin when I was readin about Tabeet wantin yer asparagus. LOL

    N Kevin's right lucky he didn't git mugged while he were eatin. :)

    Wendy's makin Skagenröra med pepparrot fer my lunch fwer tomorrow, n Skinkpaj fer supper. :)

    Samson just brung in a mouse n dropped it in the kitchen fer Wendy. :) N from the way she's a yellin, I'm guessin it ain't dead. LOL
    Jerry, headin fer the kitchen. :)

    PS: Did a couple a posts disappear? I were thinkin the count was 27, n now it's 25.

    PPS: Bob took care a the mouse. :)
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gee, it sounds like yu've been busy cooking again. That recipe sounds good Jerry

    Unfortunately, I do not have our new computer yet and the printer is not hooked up to the printer. Have to wait till we 'll probably buy our new one probably on saturday and DS will be hooking it up and putting n the olds stuff o it from the old one that just crashed. We went to Best Buy this morning to check them out.

    We went this moring to Best Buy to look around since they had the new computers all hooked up to the new Windows 7. We may be buying a Toshiba with the larger screen. Maybe that will help my eyes to see everything better. My eyes are really going down. I used to be able to see everything closeup but now it is getting awful. have to use cheaters alot when reading and doing close work. So, we will see tomorrow or saturday.

    I hope to print out that newsest recipe , beef stew or whatever you call it. I am to lazy ot just write it down.

    Diane - sorry you had tripuble sleeping last night or getting to sleep. Hpe you do better tonight ! I know the feeling, believe me.

    Jerry - What is that recipe you were talking about that Wendy was making.? Poor Wendy, I dont blame the poor gal seeing a live mouse. Our old cat when I was a kid used to d the same thing with mom. he wuld bring her lovely presents like dead mice, and other critters.

    Well awl, I gotta run and start fixing dinner - pork chops and baked potatoes. Tomorrow i will be at the doctors open to check my surgery and hopefull dismiss me. That will be a good is getting cahillier today after the rain. However, it is alot warmer than you I am sure.

    Gee, those kitties have it hard just enjoying the sun by the windows ! What is the temperature at your places, Jerry and Diane??

    More later on.

    Hugs to awl,
  19. GreenOnions

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    Iffen ya'd like, I can ship a couple a live mouseys up to yer place, fer Faith n Tabeet. :)

    N it sounds like Kevin's a gonna have a treat when he gits home from work, too. :)

    I ain't sure which is which, but I'm smellin ham n shrimp both. :) Wendy's a callin, so I reckon as I'm a gonna find out. :)

    Y'all have yerself a right good evenin, n I'll talk to ya tomorrow, my friend. :) Let me know about sendin them mouseys. LOL
    Jerry, headin fer a delicious smellin kitchen. :)
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    Are ya sure ya don't want some a them live mouseys, Diane? LOL I reckon as Samson'd be okay with sharin. :)

    How y'all a doin? Did ya sleep good?

    Wendy n the Kitty Crew is all a doin good. :) I reckon as I'm still a 9.3. :) I ain't complainin. :)

    How was yer supper? The Skinkpaj was delicious. :) Wendy wrote down the recipe, in case anyone wants to give it a try. :)


    1 recipe rich short pastry (Mördeg)
    8 oz. smoked ham, cubed
    6 egg yolks
    1 c sour cream
    1/4 lb Gruyere, shredded (use herrgårdsost if you can get it)
    salt and pepper to taste
    1 tsp grated nutmeg

    Press pastry dough into baking pan.

    Set oven to 350°F.

    Combine egg yolks, sour cream, ham, and cheese. Pour over dough, like a pizza.

    Bake at 350°F for 20 minutes.

    *You can use any cheese you like.


    I got the Ben Franklins a goin. :) I was kinda annoyed when I saw it was a rainin, n gittin cooler. Indian Summer is supposed to last a couple a weeks! :)

    I'm a headin fer my Horseradish Shrimp. :)
    Jerry, wonderin how much alka seltzer I'll need after lunch. :)