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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Slayadragon, Oct 22, 2006.

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    Has anyone ever heard of Coenzyme A, or used it?

    Dr. Balch ("Prescription for Nutritional Healing") mentions it in his book under "CFS."

    He says that Coenzyme Q10 "enhances the effectiveness of the immune system and protects the heart" and that Coenzyme A "works with Coenzyme Q10 and aids in the removal of toxic substances from the body."

    I've read elsewhere that Coenzyme A is involved in energy production.

    I'm now starting to become a believer in coenzymes of all kinds, since NADH (a coenzyme) and CoQ10 have both (in really high doses) been very helpful for me.

    I took some Coenzyme A a while back, but stopped since I didn't get an effect (and because the formulation contained cellulose, to which I have an allergy).

    Now I'm thinking that it might be worth giving another go, but in a much higher dose. (The CoQ10 and NADH did nothing a low doses either.)

    I wish I could find a brand without cellulose, but unfortunately I can only find one brand of Co A being sold on the Internet (and, I found after looking carefully, it does seem to have cellulose).

    Still, if I can't find another, I might try this one and hope that my body can handle a little cellulose (since it's not in anything else I'm taking).

    Thoughts? Experiences?

    Other coenzymes that I might consider?

  2. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    With the 20 mg of NADH, I just felt more energetic and slightly more clearheaded. The strangest part was that my period (after a hiatus of 4 years) returned, and on a regular basis. Apparently my body thinks it has enough extra energy now to spend some of it trying to reproduce. I wish it would forget about that (I'm not planning a family) and use the energy for something else, but it's concrete proof that something significant happened.

    The CoQ10 just made me feel normal....not bursting with energy, but not sick either. My head was clear, I did errands,, cleaned the house without feeling like I needed a rest. That was unusual. I don't think I've felt that normal since I got sick (well, except for one day on Provigil, but that was artificial energy and alertness, after which I crashed into bed for three days).

    The Coenzyme Q10 lift has lasted for three days. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Tonight I'm feeling somewhat irritable, but I think it's because I took a whole lot of probiotics and oregano oil in the hope of killing off a bunch of yeast. I'm having a colonic tomorrow, and it seems to me that dead yeast will be easier to wash away than live ones. I imagine I'll feel worn out after the colonic (I did with the last one), but by Tuesday I should be able to gauge where I'm at.

    I'm going to order the Coenzyme A too. Let us know if you get results.

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