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    Oh my gosh, I have never drank coffee to any degree and my husband never. I would only have one cup in the am, before going to work, as I had to get up at 5:00a.m., nursing 12-15 hr shifts, so this was to get me going.

    I stopped caffience and anything with caffience in it, also sugar or chocalate, but not mainly for fm. I had part of my stomach taken out and there are zillions of things I cannot eat becauses of it.

    I have been exceptionally bad the last 3 yrs, and found out that I had pernicious anemia, I guess due to the stomach surgery. I am so tired all the time, and nothing is working. I have had 7 pints of blood this last year. A shot of B1 is supposed to take care of it, but the other day I showed an allergic reaction to the b1. I am very allergic so what a reaction is, hot, swollen, itchy, I have not told my Dr yet, and have not gone to see where my blood is as I don't have insurance right now, and everytimm they put in hospital and give me blood, and can't afford that right now. I barely have the energy to get out of bed little lone socialize do housework, or work in my garden, On top of that I have horrible allergies as I have had to have shots and have not been retested when we moved here and they have been horrible as usual. They also rip your energy as you are fighting these allergens continually and weakens your system.

    The only reason I write to this, I rarely do caffience watch excedrin, and only a bite of those new little thin Cadbury chocalate every once in awhile. I don't do much of anything like that as I have such irregular heartbeat and drives me crazy.

    I have been ssriously thinking of going back on my au lates to get some energy and my Zyrtex which wakes me up. I have to do something, I have no life and I just look at me and am not aging well, so am so depressed all the time.

    Thank God I have a wonderful man I am married too and he has had to do the share of the housework, and everything build our cottage. we moved to 2 yrs ago. It has been exceptionally bad for him as he is never ill and he hurt his back, siatica etc when we first moved here so as much as he can do, I feel so guilty. He is not handeling it well, and I have seen a personality change which we all know chronic pain does to us. Now he can truly sympathize with me, as i have so many problems I won't even take time to list them. It is hard on me with move and I just can't get out of the hole. I am on antidepressant and was doing a little better and then the last month it is like i am on the edge all the time.

    I don't believe one cup of coffee will kill me with all that is going on, but as someone said everyone reacts to things differently. My husband said well you aren't normal anyway when I tell him, isn't this weird about something. I've known that all along and have hated going to Dr's and right now feel I need to, but then it is just prescritpion and I am trying to get off, I pay so much for them.

    I will be eating the cat food soon, as we had planned my check for my medicine etc, and the iron shots are 300.00 a month and already had been on 6-700, so needless to say I am eating pills. Doesn't matter as I can't eat without it going through me, as my stomach surgery has caused dumping syndrome and even 10 yrs later I can eat something one time and then it react next time.

    I have always eaten eggs, and oatmeal and now all the sudden big dumping the last couple of days, and then I have to recuperate from those and don't want to eat anymore. This is all in line with fm.cfs,rfd, yeast, allergies, etc etc. When I go in, if the Dr mentions another dianosis if he sees something, I just tell him don't put that on me.

    So though caffience is definietly a no no for most, it is up to the indiviudal and how much they get from it, I certainly would never do more than that cup in the am. Sorry it has been so long guys, I still plug in and read, but our new place is dial up and I don't have th4e energy to reply most of the time. I am trying to stay aboard and am just going to order from the store the vitamins for fm, I had a wonderful pill fibroleve from gnc and after two months it worked so well then they discontinued it. so I know it works. Alot of the diet things don't as I can't eata lot of supposed helpers because of my stomach and what I cannnot tolerate.

    Have a great weekend and talk to later,

    God bless you and prayers for all that are needing it.

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    What a lot of problems.

    We just had a funny post about products being discontinued. Did GNC put out something similar to replace the Fibroleve they discontinued?

    Maybe you could look at a label and work w/ the GNC clerk to put together something similar.

    Hope you find something.