coffee drinkers who want to cut down on acid

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  1. mollystwin

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    I'm new to this message board. I have had chronic fatigue for 13 years, but have taken a turn for the worse since Christmas.
    I have been trying to do the alkaline diet thing and am a coffee lover. I have found a cold brewing method for coffee that removes 70% of acid and it tastes great! It's called a Toddy coffee maker and you can find it on the web. Do a search, but don't buy it from their website because you can get it cheaper on other sites.
    Enjoy your coffee!!!!!
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    Hi -
    Welcome. I've been a coffee drinker for years, but since I was dx'd a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try fresh brewed tea. I bought a glass teapot with the strainer insert.

    So far I've tried sample packs of several green teas and I have to say as a former tea basher, that they are actually good! The antioxidants are good for you as well.

    Green tea is less fermented than black tea, but the taste is yummy and the different kinds vary depending on the region of the world and country they are grown in and in how the tea leaves are prepared after picking.

    I will definitely keep the low-acid coffee in mind though - sometimes I get bored in the am beverage department!
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    I'll look into that.
    I was thinking about trying that alkaline diet sometime soon. But that was my first thought "I can't totally give up my coffee!" sure wish I could cut back some tho.

    My body must be a acidic plant! I drink a few cups in the morning,.... and then again I make a pot when I'm cooking dinner.(need that boost) :)
    Does the coffee taste any different?

    Thanks for mentioning this~
  4. mollystwin

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    Yes, the coffee does taste different. It's very smooth tasting! What you do is make a very strong coffee by layering coffee grounds with water. You let it sit for 12 hours and you get a very strong brew. You keep it in the fridge and use as much as you need each day. You mix it with water to make it as strong as you like it and heat it in the microwave. Believe it or not, it tastes fresh everytime! Even after it is 10 days old! I did not believe how good it is till I tried it.