Coffee is the only thing that keeps me going

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ILoveGreen, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. ILoveGreen

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    but then I don't get good sleep...I had just weaned myself down to 1 good cup/day. To get through this move, I've become a caffeine junkie. I just can't function without it. I'm talking about drinking rocket-fuel strength brewed-by-the-cup kind of coffee all day long from morning til night.
    Who can think clearly enough to decide what to throw away, donate, or pack when they're in a fog nearly every day? I know I can't. I also know I'm going to crash any day now, and when I do, it will be hard. I guess I just need to make the best of it and get as much done as I can while I can and deal with it. I've had offers to "help", but some things you just have to do by yourself. I'll save the "help" for the heavy lifting.
    I asked my doc for a Rx for Provigil. (My doc in Denver Rx'd it nearly 10 yrs ago when I was still on COBRA benefits.) This time it was like asking for street drugs. She wrote the Rx, it took almost 2 weeks for my insurance to not only deny it in the end, but run my doc around in circles asking for documentation stating why I needed it, what my medical condition was, etc. In effect, they obtained all kinds of info I believe was absolutely none of their business in the end since they did nothing to accomodate me Rx wise. UGH! My doc offered to refer me yet another neurologist (this would be the 4th one I've seen) and I said, "No thank you. I think I have hit the end of the road. After having completed a sleep study that showed I have only 76% sleep efficiency, my medical visits documenting repeated fatigue over the 6 yrs that I've been seeing you, blah, blah, blah, I do not wish to see yet another Dr. to ask for medication and be labeled a 'drug-seeking' individual." How frustrating! All I wanted was a little help to get me through this move, and now I can only imagine how my medical record looks. I suppose I have the option of paying full-on retail of $300 for the Rx, but I'm too stubborn and not THAT desperate. For now, I'll stick with my coffee and be cranky from sleep deprivation.
  2. ILoveGreen

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    I needed to blow off some steam, and normally I would do so by walking. However, today is yet another 'thunderstorm' day, and I am aching from head to toe besides being sleep deprived, so a walk seems like a monumental task. Even the usual stretching, cold packs, & even pain meds aren't taking the edge off of this one. I know I have myself to blame, getting all amped up on caffeine for days on end, not getting restful sleep. What did I expect? At least I made a dent in the packing. My body is screaming at me to take a time-out. What can I do except listen and have faith that somehow everything will be ok. Everything always works out one way or another, just not exactly the way we want it to.

    Yes, there is definitely a big, shining light at the end of this tunnel. I am slowly approaching it with a detour here and there but it will be very much worthwhile when I get there. Thank you, Freida for your kind, reassuring words.
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    I've been getting the generic (Modafinil) from an online pharmacy for about $2 per 200mg tablet. This is a very dependable honest guy that I've been ordering from for several yrs. You just have to fax or email your drugs from canada. I've always had excellent service and the meds are legit and so much cheaper. My ins wouldn't cover Provigil and it was over $10 per tab at local pharmacies.
  4. ILoveGreen

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    Thanks for the info. I'm usually not one for meds, but this is an extreme circumstance. (My Rx was written for Modafinil as well, but rejected nonetheless). You may have saved my move! The caffeine crash I went through today was awful, what with the barometric pressure change on top of it, I wanted to crawl out of my skin! I managed to get a short nap after some meditation and felt much better, although still not productive.
    I will give the Canadian Pharmacy a try see how it goes...and hopefully never have to go through this or move again. Thanks again for the practical advice.
  5. ILoveGreen

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    I tried to contact the Canadian online Pharmacy and they said they carry neither the generic nor the name brand Provigil. Too busy to spend time chasing around; time better spent resting.
  6. BlueSky555

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    I am a coffee finatic myself, however, many years ago, my Dr. told me that I needed to cut back on the caffeine. So, I went to drinking decafienated coffee, decaf tea, and water. I stopped cold turkey and had a 3-day headache; it was terrible! I mean terible! Never had any kind of withdrawel but I'm sure this was one.

    Now, I drink 2 cups of regular coffee in the morning, then I have maybe 4 cups of decaf in the afternoon and all decaf tea.

    Everything is fine now, as far as the caffeine, I haven't had any problems since then.

    Hope this helps some Angela,

  7. ILoveGreen

    ILoveGreen New Member

    of 1-2 -cups/day myself. Jamin, I agree about decaf and chemicals used to process it. Unless decaf coffee is labeled, "water processed decaf", it is more than likely decaffeinated with solvents such as methylene chloride, also used industrially to degrease oily/dirty parts I believe. I remember reading this a long time ago.

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