Coffee vs Green Tea

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    I have for years drank 2 cups of organic coffee, am and mid afternoon....Today, I'm feeling MORE fatigue than usual...and seemed to be craving hot green tea.....So I mixed 2 types of tea bags: green tea pomegrant and Chai Tea and a little stevia and fresh lemon and I'M FEELING a lift more than I would with the coffee....

    Actually, the Chai is black tea with spices from Good green and black teas mixed for this cup I'm drinking..... Just changing my sheets was a huge exhausting task. jam

    Coffee can do a job on the adrenals which FOR ME is a constant struggle.
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    Well that doesn't surprise me, I used to take coffee to help me accomplish things and meet deadlines. It would give me a surge of energy (cause i'd have it strong) and i could do a lot! But then i'd crash for 3 days from it, i realized it wasn't worth it. So no coffee at all for me!

    I have combined a lot of teas, but none seem to help with the energy levels though. So i rejoice with u on the great result u had with the green tea! I think its the better of the two, no crash to worry about!
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    Accidental Discovery:

    I've been drinking 2 cups of organic coffee daily for years, on Thursday at my bridge game, I drink an extra cup in the afternoon as it's there and I am weak.....this past Thursday I had a bad night sleep......

    So yesterday, Friday, I did NOT drink the 2nd cup in the afternoon and drank a cup of the green tea and last night I had the best night's sleep. SO, I'm going to cut out that afternoon coffee at home and use the tea and watch my sleep. jam
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    We have a rule for people with ME/FM:
    No coffee or tea or other caffeine drinks after 2pm. Green teas exempt.
    Most have their sleep further disturbed by the drinks if taken after 2-3pm.
  5. jaminhealth

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    Well, I'm really working on eliminating that 2nd cup of at bridge I did NOT have any java, only this morning at we'll see how I sleep tonight.....a good test for sure....Things have really changed so much for me in the last 3-4 yrs, not for the better....
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    I've pretty much eliminated that 2nd cup of coffee daily, fall off the wagon when I play bridge and last evening after bridge we ladies went to Wendy's and I had some insanity and drank a container of coke....I'm not a soda drinker but for some reason that coke appealed to me.....maybe it's because the hostess served decaf coffee and I was feeling really tired..... I was up too much last night and in too much pain.....

    Boy, hard lessons at this late date for me.

    BTW: We got on the subject of starbucks coffee and how my friend who deals with fibroids a LOT and who drank a lot of starbucks out and at home, her MD told her starbucks is the worst for breast fibroids in is bad enough, starbucks worse, about their processing.....the owner of starbucks is a billionaire.....

    I do not miss my daily Iodine to keep my breasts healthy. jam