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    I just went to see my phyciatrist about my sleeping problems, I am so tired, but my anxiet is do high I can't lay still. So he has put me on cogentin for the anxiety and benadrys for sleep. Has anyone eles been on these meds and did they help. Boy I hope so I'm waking up every 45 min all nite long and I hardly ever get any deep sleep, I'm exhausted. Thanks Lorrie
  2. lorrie4real

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    Thanks, I wish I could take it, I have a pain doc who is so stinqy he won't give me anything elese but the morphine. He is the only pain doc around my Island where I live. I tried to go to a reqular MD but he would'nt perscribe because I am seeing a pain dr. what the run around, and my physiciatrist said it is to addicting. So I'll try this cogentin and benadryl and hope it works, The restless leg is so bad that I kick my boyfriend right out of the bed, you know he's tired too me getting up all the time and he has cancer of the liver so it's very frustrating, Thanks Bet if I can find a dr that will perscribe that then I will try it but it's highly unllikley because of the new medicare changes I can't find anyone in my area. Seattle is the closes but it is an hour ferry ride from my house and then bussing it to wherever, well I've complained enough. Thanks again. Bless Lorrie

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