Cognitive Problems, Any Help Available?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Gelsey, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Gelsey

    Gelsey New Member

    Hi all: I check in here now and then. I'm sure you have covered this issue, but am wondering what to do about brain fog and cognitive problems?
    I am having more and more, and in the past three years have had two minor car accidents, which seem to be directly related to response time, and decision making.
    I had one just yesterday. I'm starting to get worried. I keep jumbing words, forgetting pots on the stove or to turn off the lawn sprinklers etc.
    My husband doesnt quite understand fibro, he sure does understand that I have made two errors driving the car! I dont know for sure that yesterday was my total fault, but I know my responses and decisions are not always sharp.
    I'm wondering who do you speak to about things like this? Your medical doctor or Rheumy? It's going to be important to look into this if this latest fender bender proves to be all my fault. I just dont know what to do.
  2. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    I have no help for you other then to tell you to talk to your dr. or dr.s about it. Mine comes and goes and it's different each time. My husband has seen it in action and has read up on it. Now I just tell him, "honey, I can't find my words today" and that covers everything from words to forgeting things. Mine will only last for one day and on those days I just try to stay home and do something simple like clean my house if I feel up to it. I don't even try to drive or try a new recipe on those days. P
  3. Gelsey

    Gelsey New Member

    No, I am not on any supplements or pain or sleep aids, I try to avoid them because I also have diabetes, thyroid and liver disease.
    I do notice, I have a hard time making weird decisions, like when you are maybe trying to pour something from one bottle to another, not quite sure how to do it--weird odd things like that.
    Enough stuff that my husband wonders if I am ok!
  4. Engel

    Engel New Member

    I am shocked that I have not burned the house down (many times). I no longer cook unless I am alert. I jumble words too and forget what I went into a room to do. I am very uncomfortable driving. Have not had an accident ... but it worries me. I have told this to all my DRs.
  5. Gelsey

    Gelsey New Member

    We run two small businesses from home. I have no less than two checking accounts and two savings accounts for them, and numerous bills.
    I also have three personal checking accounts and some other savings accounts (newly acquired since my FIL died).
    My brain is constantly trying to keep up with that, plus type I diabetes demands (blood sugar testing and counting carbs etc.) I'm just overtaxed in the multi-tasking dept.
    Maybe God is trying to show me I need to make some changes.
    My husband doesnt really try to understand Fibro. He understands when I have trouble getting up, and he sure knows when I forget things, but he doesnt really sit down and examine the symptoms. Problem is, he very well could have it himself because he has the same issues in different ways.
    Such a weird condition, and I never realized it could affect me like this. And my Fibro is considered secondary, and not stand-alone, due to my other conditions.

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