Cognitive therapy What is this????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Butterfly_of_grace, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Butterfly_of_grace

    Butterfly_of_grace New Member

    Was wondering about this. I never heard of it, yet I see it alot in here. Can someone explain it to me please?
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    is designed to help people stop playing old tapes in their head and start thinking in new, more healthful ways.

    The leading book on the subject is Feeling Good by David Burns which I highly recommend. He also has a workbook which helps (but only if you actually do the exercises).

    I had classes in c. therapy at Kaiser. Here's an example:

    Old thought: nothing I do ever works out.
    Revised: ok, this didn't go well, but plenty of things have in the past. Maybe if I try this a slightly different way.

  3. Butterfly_of_grace

    Butterfly_of_grace New Member

    I could definately benefit from cognitive therapy. How do I research where I can get this???
    Thanks for telling me what it was.
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Do you have a therapist? You could ask him/her about it. Maybe get a recommendation.

    Or you could call therapists in your area and ask. You could call professional associations (must be something like the New Jersey Association of Psychologists).

    You could go to a 12 step meeting like Emotions Anonymous and ask there.

    When I took classes at Kaiser we did exercises. It was fun and helpful too. I am not cured, but I am certainly better.

    Good luck.
  5. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    The first few years I went to a psychiatirst (M.D.) to discuss my condition.

    Yes, we talked about the present, but nothing about how it would change in the future.

    I am sick at the money I paid and know that he was no good.

    Sorry to go against the general opinion, but at least you know what my experience is.

    All may go well for you. it did not for me.

    Blessings to you that all will be well.

  6. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    Hi Butterfly

    I was with a therapist for 2 1/2 years after I quit my job and was diagnosed with FM.

    I was suffering from mild depression, poor self esteem and just feeling lost.

    I was lucky that I got a really good therapist who helped me change the way I think about things. She practiced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and also gave me the book to read that Rockgor mentioned.

    I found it really worked for me. Like Rockgor said you have to do the exercises. You do a lot of journalling and talking about how you feel about things and how you deal with stress. CBT makes you challenge the way you think about things.

    Often we are stuck in a rut and you need some help to change that.

    For me CBT was wonderful. At first I found it really hard, did a lot of crying but it was well worth it in the end.

    hugs Redwillow
  7. Butterfly_of_grace

    Butterfly_of_grace New Member

    I went thru yrs of therapy on and off...but it wasnt cognitive was just plain old therapy allowing me to vent my past growing up in an abusive home, allowing me to spew all my emotions and I did alot of crying....but never anything like cognitive therapy where you could change your way of thinking adn the way you deal with situations...

    so....I ask...what si the difference between a Psychologist/Psychiatrist and a cognitive therapist???

    Im really confused????
  8. cymbeline

    cymbeline New Member

    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy looks at the interactions between your thoughts, emotions, behaviours and physiology. It takes the view that each of these affect the others and so when you are having difficulties you can get caught in a negative cycle that it is hard to get out of. By exploring these different aspects of yourself you are able to employ methods to break this cycle.

    A CBT therapist will only use CBT with you wheras a clinical psychologist is trained to use a wide variety of different psychological models and so may work more flexibly. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has done additional training in psychiatric disorders and the use of psychiatric drugs to treat these, they may have also done additional training in theraputic approaches but not always. A psychotherapist is different again and has usually been well trained in one particular approach as the CBT therapist has been but it is likely to be in a "talking" therapy such as a psychodynamic approach.
    I hope this is helpful and not just confusing. I would suggest that if someone can make a referral for you talk to them about what you want and they may be able to suggest the best person to refer you to. If not talk to a few therapists about their approaches and see what you think before making a decision.
  9. Butterfly_of_grace

    Butterfly_of_grace New Member

    I know for a fact that I am a pesimist, trapped in a negative whirlwind that runs my life practically......
    I DO have a negative mind set and negative thoughts. I grew up in a household like that and at age 39 I STILL have a father who knows how to push my buttons as far as aslo has affected every aspect of my life as, marriage (except for my hubby now who is loving and understanding), friendships and my work. Sounds to me that this may actually be what I need to change all of that wouldnt anyone agree???
    I have tried to read books and change my thought process....for a while it worked when I found the courage to get rid of Hubby number 1 who was a nagative (and still is ) person and who also affected me and my self esteem alot. During the whole divorce I was able to change that thought pattern for a while and I felt AWESOME and invincible (empowered). Now, 5 1/2 yrs later, 3 1/2 yrs into my new marriage to a wonderful, supportive, positive optimistic, loving kind patient and caring Hubby I am back into a negative mind set. He puts me on a pedistool and I dont know how to be receptive to that. I actually cant stand me, yet he adores me. He doesnt understand why I beat myself up and Im so hard on on the other hand Im back in that same routine of hating who I see in the mirror, living constantly in guilt, and feeling like a failure.

    SO what do ya think? I think it could help but how do I find out where I can get someone who does this CBT???


  10. blonderescue

    blonderescue New Member

    Method of counselling where we are counselled and we are supposed to change negative thought patterns in our head and create positive ones.

    Unfortunately, most CBT Practitioners do not understand FM/CFS so even though I had this therapy (with 2 practitioners) for a long time, I did not feel it helped. I felt that it was like I was being blamed for being depressed, when I was depressed because I was really sick, it was not a choice for me.

    If others had a different experience, I am glad for them. I would not bother with it again. I feel it has been much more beneficial talking to people who understand our particular situation on this board etc.

  11. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    How to find a therapist is a frustrating question. If you lived near me of course I would tell you to get a referral to my doctor. She was fabulous.

    I was having a really hard time getting my doctor to believe that I was ill, this was before my dx of fibro. I was put on anxiety meds (paxil) and told to go home and relax.

    This wasn't working for me. I was so upset and needed someone to talk to. I knew that my world was getting smaller and smaller. I was avoiding talking to anyone that I had worked with etc because I had left my job and didn't know what was wrong with me. So basically I was hiding in my own home.

    I finally walked into the Canadian Mental Health Association and asked for help. I explained that I had been diagnosed with anxiety/depression put on medication that wasn't working and had hit a road block as my doctor wouldn't refer me to anyone else.

    The Mental Health people were really upset with my situation and some of the stuff that this doctor has said to me. They sent me to our local ER and I talked to a Crisis worker there. This was how I got put on a waiting list and finally got to talk to my therapist.

    I don't know how close you are to your doctor and whether he would refer you to a therapist. I can only tell you that you know in your heart that you need help.

    There are organizations out there to help people and even though it is hard you need to ask for help. Just keep knocking on doors until you get what you need.

    hugs Redwillow

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