Cognitive Thinking and Depression??

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    Just being in the same room with this PHD was enough to make me depressed. I suffer from the anxiety, panic, agoraphobic end of the scale and my records showed that. Also have ADD. I bore easily. Asked about friends, told him email only-no visiting. Looked like I was Frankenstein or something. Rushed through that friends live far away, reminded him I can't drive because of migraine and blackouts, no patience to sit through visiting, etc. Don't think he even paid attention to me. Did he make notes that I answered all the questions with my eyes closed and my hands over them because the office was too bright and it hurt my eyes a lot. Wound up with a migraine from the visit. And he had those squishy leather couches that look like the private end of an elephant. I got lost sitting on it and dragged myself to the edge. I was tempted to get up and agitate but knew I would have accidentally (??) hit him when I started moving-at 6' I take up a lot private space. Did anyone actually get a copy of their report-my SSD form says they will not issue one to me but will to my doctor's if I want. I certainly don't want the good doc's I'm seeing to be influenced my this creeps personal/professional opinion. As usually, just when I hit an equalibrium I can live with in comfort, someone has has to question me about again. I hope he read my file throughly, he'd find out what a tough little survivor I am of child abuse, that I can solve my own problems and when I really break apart their is truly a reason behind it, not something I made up. And that I live with a guilt complex that my parents left me that I have always had to deal with. This guy made me feel like a criminal-and I have to remember I can't allow him to do that to me. I guess he's the first person to push me over the edge in a year. Gotto go climb back up from the bottom. I have company coming on tuesday (hear that doctor??) Did someone mention they had to do this more than once?? What else should I be expecting during this process-they already have well documented records from my own specialists, one for each symptom I have.
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    Will take your advice..damn the enemy, full speed ahead (or something like that!!)