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    I have read such good advice on this site that I thought I would pass on the following on the chance that it might help others.

    It took me some time to realize that coming from a warm car or house into very cold air set off a severe bout of headaches (for months) or sinus infection on at least four occasions. I guess this is testament to my very poor condition.

    So if it is cold and windy I now wrap my face in a scarf or sometimes a medical mask until I am inside. A balaclava scares people and covering the face in any manner gets strange looks, but I don't care.

    I also warm up my nose drops or saline spray before applying as I think squirting even cold (room temperature) spray is harmful.

    I guess people who live in cold climates are more immune and unlikely to have this problem.

    PS if anyone is interested I have a simple recipe for saline nasal spray which costs next to nothing - all you need is to keep your pump bottle from your original spray.

    Cheers TN
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    I, too, get this! Exactly as you're describing. I thought I was the only one. I have hardly been out at all in the past three months due to this and the fact that my skin also goes nuts (rosacea which gets super dry and sore)! I think it is the most debilitating symptom.

    I thought this was something to do with my you have it?

    Is there anything else you can do apart from wrapping a scarf around your face (do you cover your entire face up?)

    This is a truly horrible symptom! It's a bit of a relief to know I am not completely alone in this but I am sad to hear it's something you have to live with since I know how awful and depressing it is.

    Do you take any meds for it? I don't but, then, meds never seem to help me much and I also have chemical sensitivity (do you?)

    I seem to get this symptom from even mild changes of temperature and have had an element of sinus pain every day (sometimes awful, sometimes milder) now for months. I took a turn for the worse in mid-June for reasons unknown to me and this has been one of the marks of deterioration for me along with worsening of rosacea symptoms (both face and eye) and skin dryness. I seem more sensitive to everything generally, too.

    I had assumed that the sinus pain from trying to go from indoors to outdoors and back again was the result of some environmental allergy, not cold air....though I suspected the temperature change was a factor because of my rosacea (everyone in my family seemed to think that temperature wouldn't do that to my sinuses.

    This has been so hard on me as, despite my condition, I hate to be indoors and have always tried (despite the difficulties) to get out, even just in the car.
    I did this the other friend just drove us around the city...I didn't even get out the car and when we got back...boom! My sinuses went nuts and the headache pain was like nerve endings on fire, every bone in my face hurt and I felt physically sick from the pain. It didn't subside either and I was like that all the next day, too, despite staying indoors the whole time.

    Can I ask how long you have had this symptom and why you think it came? I am still trying to figure this out...
    I am wondering if you, too, have rosacea and whether it's a factor for both of us. I recently read that rosacea is auto-immune and could be the result of allergies and that rosacea and sinus headaches have been linked together.

    Strangely, I had this sinus headache/ temperature change problem when I first began showing signs and symptoms of this awful disease and it calmed down after about 2 years. I, again, oddly, started to present with symptoms after I began working in a school that was severely over-heated. I knew it was a factor because when I got out of the school everyday the symptoms would initially clear as they did on the weekends. They also dissipated when the heating went off for summer and I had some relief UNTIL the heating came back on that September and everything kicked off again. Whereas before symptoms would recede when I wasn't in the school, they began to stay with me in and out of school!

    I had been using mineral makeup to control my rosacea (which I tolerated despite my huge chemical sensitivity) ad it was in June that I started to react to it and have not been able to wear it without sever skin dryness/ pain. I have experimented with other mineral makeups and a lot of them bother my skin or really trouble my system on the chemical sensitivity front... I hate experimenting now because a) I hate the disappointment of reacting and b) because it seems to physically knock me for six for days! I have that to look forward to anyway since my relied-upon face cleanser and moisturiser have both been reformulated and now cause a reaction. I have some left of the original versions but due to my rosacea (which needs looking after) I have to find replacements which isn't easy when you react with headcahe, nausea, sickness, skin irritation to 99.9% stuff!

    My sinus headaches due to temperature change seem to start again badly when started reacting to the mineral makeup. I don't know if I just got more sensitive and the reaction was just testimony to that or whether this makeup afforded some protection, when I was able to tolerate it, against the environment. It seems odd that it all got worse when I started to react to that's hard to know what came first...

    I'd love to know if you have rosacea and/ or chemical sensitivity. Maybe we can try to get to the bottom of it together and update eachother esp if we find things that help...?

    I would love to know your saline nasal spray ingredients but here in the UK I don't think we have the bottles you're talking about... :(

    I would love to hear from you anyway...please do reply if you can. I'm sorry this is such a long message.


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    Do you get breathing irregularities when your sinuses flare and the headache hits? I get non-stop yawning and breathing changes like the breath is lodged behind my nose (hard to describe)... Shell
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    Sorry it took so long to read your message. I'm in Australia and seem to always be out of sync with most others.

    No I do not get rosacea, just a severe reaction to very cold air going up my nose. You are going to have to brave a lot more cold weather than I. I'm sure it's all about a dysfunctional immune system, that's why everything takes so long to heal.

    Medication usually make me feel worse - I take them as needed, but have started on Grapeseed Extract x 2 times a day as recommended by Jaminhealth. With summer coming I'm hoping for some healing - I would just like a few months without any further problems - to get a bit of strength.

    Sometimes I do feel it's hard to get a deep breath. If this becomes a problem I get a neck and upper back massage.

    Here us the recipe for saline nasal spray. You can probably buy the spray called "fess" or other brands at your chemist - comes in a measured dose pump spray bottle. When you have finished it do not throw the bottle away - that is the expensive part.

    I boil the water 500 ml, add 2 teaspoons of the best salt you have (I use sea salt) and 1 teaspoon of bicarb soda. That's it. I sieve it through a clean handkerchief or fine fabric and store in a clean glass jar or bottle and cap.
    You will have enough saline spray to last for ages and it's cheap and non-harmful.

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