Cold All The Time Since Surgery

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lgp, May 2, 2011.

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    Is it normal to feel cold alot weeks after surgery? As some of you know, I had (emergency) gallbladder surgery four weeks ago tomorrow. Since then, I feel cold alot. Is this a normal reaction after surgery? I know the weather has been sporadically damp here, but I really am cold alot! I am seeing the surgeon again next week, I guess I will ask him...but in the meantime I was wondering if anybody who has had a surgery has experienced this. I have nothing to compare it to since this was my first surgery.



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    Hi Laura!
    Just saw your post and thought, wow, my hubby had the same thing happen to him after being in hospital for blood clots, then having back surgery! He had ALWAYS been the man who was never cold and wore long shorts in the wintertime with socks and Birkis,lol!

    My sis did some research and said that she thought it was from the heparin he was on for the blood clots and from the anesthesia during surgery that altered his normal body temp.!! That was 8 years ago and he is still cold more than usual but not near as bad. OMG, he used to lie close to me in bed at night and I would feel like I was going to burn up and would say, honey you need to move over to your side I'm dying over here and we would laugh,lol!

    Now he can lie right next to me in the winter or summer and not overheat me but is never too warm. Thank God! I thought we were going to have to sleep in separete beds back then until just a few years ago! Now it seems as if he is at a "normal body temp.". Before the surgery he was always hot and now he's just right!!

    I don't know if this helped you at all, I hope so but am sure you will get LOTS of replies just because people with fibro and or CFS tend to get too hot or too cold a lot! Do some research on the internet and listen to the replies which should help a LOT!! I personally have fibro and CFS!

    Good luck and keep us posted, Earthdog, Julie :)

    P.S. use the research, news and article tab on the top of this msg. board too, you may find something very helpful, I use it a lot!
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    I've not been on in months, but I can sympathize. I have been cold since my bone marrow transplant, and my doctor tells me that's quite common among her patients. So maybe it IS an immune system thing. I did not have surgery like you did, but hopefully as you recover, and your immune system gets stronger, you'll feel less cold all the time.

    Hope you are recovering well otherwise.


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