Cold all the time? Try this! I reached 98.5 degrees all of a sudden.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by orangedahlias197, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. I've got a trick that I think might work for other people too. I got my body temperature up FAST almost up to normal (normal being 98.6). Today I hit 98.5.

    What I did, on a whim, was look up foods that contained iodine, and found a combination of foods that are working well for me if I eat them every day. Basically I'm taking a plate, dishing up with as many of these as I can all at once. They combine together and as a whole seem to be providing what I need to stay warm or to get warm.

    Coconut, shredded, unsweetened (raises basal body metabolism. Has been recommended by thyroid experts before to thyroid patients)
    Lima beans, cooked well, till mushy (after looking it up, I found it had iodine)
    Sunflower seeds, a handful or two, ground up or eaten like they are (iodine, zinc, other good nutrition)
    Ginger root, a piece cut off of it (will make a person break out in a sweat)
    Garlic, a couple cloves raw (iodine, zinc)
    Eggs, the yolk especially. Had a couple per day for several days (iodine, amino acids, sulfur, etc)
    Pumpkin seeds, a handful (zinc)
    Brazil nuts, a few, cracked, with nut taken out fresh (has natural oils useful for metabolic rate boost, has selenium)
    Avocadoes, one or more depending on taste for the day (recommended by some experts for thyroid)
    Pineapple, a few slices, raw, directly from a well-ripened pineapple. Do not sweeten it or cook it, for example, not canned but fresh. (has iodine)
    Bananas. 1-2 per day eaten raw, not cooked or sweetened, but ripe and as is (has iodine, potassium, other good nutrition)
    A few pine nuts, because I had them on hand (they have iodine in them and good natural oils for boosting metabolic rate)

    If you are lucky enough to own a food processor or way to blend or grind, you can try adding sesame seeds to the mix, which have iodine.

    Other good iodine containing foods are as follows:

    Navy beans
    Black-eyed peas

    And there are others. This can be looked up if one needs more iodine foods, however, I have to qualify that as follows:

    In this day and age, there's a lot of junk in the ocean (garbage dumping, sewage waste, plastic dumping, household batteries even, and nuclear waste disposal) so seafood can be contaminated with mercury, other heavy metals, nuclear waste (radiation), sewage.
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    You could add cinnamon to the list as it also improves circulation,
    and has a worming effect.
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    Thanks Orangedahlias, that could explain why I no longer have low temperature like I used to have. I've been eating a lot of banana's and mixed bean spread the last couple of years as sandwich fillers because I was living on low budget and couldn't afford to eat fruits and veggies seperate next to having my sandwiches filled and I've also been using more coconut by making my own chocolate, dairy and sugar free chocolates and chocolate spread that costs only a fraction of the carobespread they sell in the store so I guess that has been good for something too and has increased the amount of what the body actually needed to get to a normal temperature :D

    Beans make a very nice sandwich spread by blending them with olive oil and tomato concentrate and herbs and spices. And banana makes a nice sandwich topping too just as they are sliced up, I like it with anice seeds on top or with chia seeds and grated coconut on top. Ripe banana frozen and blended also makes perfect creamy icecream without having to add anything else.

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