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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scarflady, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. scarflady

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    I have searched the net without success for my unusual problem,hopefully someone here may have the answer....First of all I am 75 years young.....
    My ankles are cold. I don't notice it as much during the day but must wear long bed sox at night. My ankles are much, much colder than my feet. During the night my feet and ankles get too warm and I remove the bed sox. I am wondering if this is the start of an artery problem or if this is another symptom of Fibro.....

  2. cct

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    I have the same problem (I am 55 years old with CFS).

    I picked up a pair of leg-warmmers at Target and they seem to help.

    Do you remember leg-warmmers for the old disco days? ! ? ! Leg-warmers are like thigh high socks without the feet.
  3. Lynna62

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    Wool socks work great for me. I get X-Large, long, men's socks because I don't like anything tight around my feet or legs. Wool works the best for holding in heat.
  4. findmind

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    Well, my ankles first became cold and then it turned into a full-blown neuropathy of hot skin and ice bones and veins.

    It is very painful. I take 600mg gabapentin 3x daily for it. No one has been able to tell me what it's caused by; I am not diabetic.

    I personally believe it is a viral infection of the arteries, veins, etc., and that there is no real cure for it.

    I hope yours does not progress to this!

    I love double thick cotton socks, but at night, I find if I don't wear socks to bed, somehow my brain figures out to warm my feet and ankles up! Go figure...

    There's always hope!

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