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    Does anyone with CFIDS notice their hands and feet turn ice cold? Lately I'm noticing my hands, feet, and even my nose will turn ice cold. It gets to the point they feel like they are burning and will start to ache after a while. I'll be taking a patient's vital signs while at work, and they'll comment on how cold my hands are.

    Just curious as to whether it's from the CFIDS, or maybe my body temperature is just out of whack.

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    and for me, CFIDS did include a low thyroid. It was not diagnosed properly by the general practitioner. Finally a naturopathic doctor caught it. What she told me to take, however, didn't work for me - it was a glandular. I stumbled onto a couple things that boosted my thyroid (Barleygreen, now called BarleyLife), and most recently, Powerfoods 32, which I am pleased to find works well, and I can buy from a friend, and contains much more nutrition than even the first one I mentioned. When my nose would get cold, I was about 96 degrees. Having cold sweaty feet would happen to me alot, and one hand would be colder than another. Also, any little thing would make me chilled. When I reached 96 and 95, I stopped being able to pick up after myself and got really spacey.

    According to info on the Internet, you are hypothyroid if your body temp under your arm is below 97.8 in the morning before you do any moving around.

    <b>Here's why it happens:</b>
    The atomic weight of iodine is so high that if the alkaline balance in the body is not nearly perfect, then iodine cannot absorb properly. Thus, there are a world of people, who on acidic diets (and pop, coffee, and meat, are very acidic), are not absorbing the minerals with a higher atomic weight, and they don't have a bad thyroid, they JUST need to give the thyroid what it needs.

    Unless one has a diet of mostly natural and raw things, the alkalinity in the body declines, and we become more acid. Most of us cannot reach that ideal. I find that since I make compromises for being social, what I need to do in winter to prevent several months of misery (95-96 or 97 degree body temperatures) is to get one or the other of those supplements that I mentioned, and add it to my already largely raw diet - which is not 100% raw due to social reasons.

    The trick behind these supplements is that they contain both iodine and something made from green grasses in them. The green grass powders raise the alkalinity of the body (just like being on an ideal diet with good sleep and good thoughts would). When the alkalinity is at that ideal or close to ideal level, then the iodine starts being able to get absorbed properly. My mom was cold all her life till I figured it out for me and then passed on what I just told you, and had her try my Barleygreen. She then started throwing open some windows in the winter saying she was hot (this has never happened before). I have done this numerous times as a controlled experiment, on myself, not taking anything else, and it works on me every time.

    I read today in Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible that if the thyroid is low, B12 has trouble absorbing. It seems that everything in the body is related to something else, so it is hard to have just ONE deficiency or problem.

    There are other reasons why the body can be cold all the time, and I am certainly not an expert on all of them, but chronic candidiasis can be one of them. This, along with a low thyroid, can be a cause of CFS/FMS. Sugar, and processed foods, and low alkalinity, aggravate candida. A test I found on the Internet to see if you have candida: "the spit test". You can look it up. It can be done at home. Candida itself can cause over 100 symptoms, many of which are the same as FMS.

    I have noticed that many health practitioners have very cold hands .. and this is even when I am working, and I am taking people to the doctor. If I shake the doctor's hand too, my thoughts are usually: this doctor is either hypothyroid or has candida or some other medical issue. It is not normal to be that cold.

    The temperature of the body affects the strength of the immune system. The hotter the body can get during a fever, the better chance it has at wiping out the bad things. But when I had a low temp of 95, a fever would barely put me up to 98.6.

    If you wait for a regular test to find it, you are going to be waiting a long time. They couldn't find it on my test, but I truly had it. Many people with CFS/FMS are in this same boat, with subclinical hypothyroidism.


    "The pH Equation & Health" (look it up in google)

    From that site, I got this following blip, which helped me to solve being cold, since I was studying pH (the measure of the body's alkalinity or acidity)............

    MINERAL ASSIMILATION is affected by pH. Minerals have different pH levels at which they can be assimilated into the body. Minerals on the lower end of the atomic scale can be assimilated in a wider pH range, and minerals higher up on the scale require a narrower and narrower pH range in order to be assimilated by the body. For example….

    Sodium and magnesium have wide pH assimilation ranges.

    It narrows somewhat for calcium and potassium.

    Narrows more for manganese and iron.

    More for zinc and copper.

    More for iodine.

    <b>Iodine, which is high up on the atomic scale, requires near perfect pH for its assimilation into the body.

    Iodine you may know, is one of the most important minerals for proper functioning of the THYROID. But, the thyroid doesn't get access to iodine unless the body pH is near perfect.</b>

    With a society in a largely pH unbalanced state, one would suspect a lot of thyroid problems. Malfunctioning thyroids have been connected to arthritis, heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, depression, overweight, fatigue and more. Are you starting to see the basic metabolic picture evolving here?

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    I have been experiencing very cold feet, even under the covers. The doc checked the pulse in my ankles and said that I had good circulation.

    And during the blood tests to rule out anything to cause my fatigue, the thyroid test came back normal.

    I went in for a massage on Thursday, and when the therapist got to my feet, he was so surprised at how cold they were. They stayed covered the whole time and were the last part of my body to get attention. He rubbed vigerously and kept his hand cupped around them until they wamred up a bit. But as soon as he stopped, they got cold again. So what's up with this??

    I do not have cold hands or anything else....just the blasted feet!