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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DazedAndSpacey, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. DazedAndSpacey

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    I started PT last week and the therapist told me about Cold Laser Therapy. She sees a lot of Fibro patients and has had really great success with it. Meaning, more energy, less pain. So I figured, why not? It could take weekly visits for a couple of months, but I was willing to give it a try. (Supposedly, it reduces pain and inflammation.)

    Here's how it works...she applies a laser to the trigger points and other tender areas. I feel nothing other than the pressure of the laser on my skin. She moves around the sensitive and trigger points, taking her time.

    For people without Fibro, one treatment can go a long ways. But she said I may feel some relief after my first treatment, but not to expect miracles.

    Well, although it wasn't 100%, I did feel maybe a 20% improvement! I go back for session number 2 on Friday and really looking forward to it!

    I was going to wait for the 2nd visit to post this but I thought A) maybe I can help someone and B) maybe there's someone out there who's tried this? Curious about your results?
  2. AuntTammie

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    She has a lot of pain issues, too, and was treated with a cold laser in PT, & liked it so much she wound up buying one. They are really expensive, so unless you have a lot of money I wouldn't recommend actually buying one (she had just inherited some money, & was in a ton of constant physical pain, which is why she bought it.....actually she usually freaks out about spending much money at all, so the fact that she decided to buy one says a lot for how much it has helped her)

    I have used hers on occasion (don't live close enough to use it regularly), and I have definitely noticed that it helps. I wish I could afford to get one myself. I do currently have my mom's TENS unit, though, bc the laser is helping her so much she has pretty much stopped needing the TENS she let me borrow it. I think that the immediate relief from the two things are fairly comparable, but the laser seems to bring more lasting relief (and w/o the risk of shocking oneself)
  3. DazedAndSpacey

    DazedAndSpacey New Member

    I had my second session and they only used it on my knees. No difference. I will have my 3rd session this week.

    Anyone know if they can only apply to certain areas per session? Just wondering?
  4. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    they can apply it all over the place, pretty much as much and as many places as you want.....if you do it too long in one place, thoguh, you may actually feel more sore at first - then it will get better

    when it comes to using on the neck and/or head, there is a special attachment that is used, thoguh - you are not supposed to use the regular one near the brain

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