Cold or sinus infection?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    Week ago I woke up wiht a stuffy nose , headache and a sore throat. usually I would go to the docotr but since my car died and I have to ask my daughter for a ride I have not gone to see him.

    This started out with No cough and now I have a tight cough some of the time and others I am coughing up green junk. {Sorry for the detailed info}?
    Now I have no voice, it squeaks and squacks and is hard to understand, IF you wear a hearing aid the pitch of my squesks is painful to hear. I have all ovefr body pain, my legs ache down deep inside of the bones, my throat hurts, head aches, and I feel like death warmed over. My ears ache, teh old breaks in bones hurt so bad that I want scream and cry.

    When do I get to be normal to be abel to play with my three one year old grand babies but I can't. My girls think I sound very sisck and don't want their kids around me as I might get them sick again.

    I am so stressed out , no one in my family understnds what it is like to live with fibro and all the compllications that go with it. Mylegs ache so badly that I it is hard to cope with and not break out in tears,
    Fibro has would up like a knot, my "cold" has me not being able to talk with out sounding like my voice broke and now squacks and sqeaks, it is hard to understand, I am so stired of being sick. I ache from head to toe adn every place in between. There is no cure except time fro the cold but the rest i have to life with and it is so hard , I just want to e noraml.
    Thanks for letting me gripe.
  2. inbetweendays

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    I cured my chronic sinus infections--and all the colds i use to get with olive leaf extract--four pills a day--a complete cure for the many colds i suffered from each year and the constant sinus infections i got.....what a god send--and my doctor told me this is impossible and pushes the flu shots.....she doesnt even know any of the research on olive leaf extract--yet she is allowed to make such a stupid comment--then she tells me i have a good immune system, it is a coincidence--im like excuse me ---i have cfids --does that sound like a good immune system to you! what fools in practice
  3. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    I really hope you went to the doctor and got help because it sounds like that could be pneumonia or bronchitis. "Green gunk" means there is inflammation and secretions are backing up, usually meaning some sort of infection. I don't know if you mentioned having a fever, but a fever combined with a sore throat, coughing up stuff and feeling so bad warrants medical attention.

    I guessed that my housemate had walking pneumonia (the kind where you feel a little better, go back to work or whatever but then your body gets wiped out and the symptoms come back hard) and I made her take her temp it was 104 .. she went to the doctor the next day and I was right.

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