Cold sore remedies?

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  1. Off topic but hope someone has something OTC or wife tale that works maybe? OWWW do they hurt/burn , just when I think I am miserable with this dd pain, here comes a cold sore! I am taking lysine now. My fil used too say put bleach on it! I can't bring myself to do that! Geesh talk about burn!
  2. charlenef

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    i buy novitra from the drug store as soon as i feel it start i put it on and it is gone within a day or 2 you can find it near abreva but it is 1/2 the cost
  3. kbak

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    Abreva from drugstore, walgreens works great, not cheap. Also putting ice on the sore, tea tree oil, or neem. The health food store carries a good selection of cold sore remedies.

    Hope it's better soon!

  4. becc

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    I use aloe vera if there's any in the garden. I've not had much luck with commercial aloe vera gels but the actual plant helps quite a bit. I'm not sure if it helps get rid of the cold sore but it helps to relieve the pain and tingling sensation.

    Zovirax (not sure if that's what it's called in the US) is excellent - it's an OTC cream and works faster than any others I've tried.
  5. baanders

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    if you catch them at the first sign, put ice on it and they will go away quickly. This is not a wive's tale, it is a medical fact that many aren't aware of.

  6. justlooking

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    Here's what I have done or currently do that works.

    First look at what foods you are eating, some foods are "antagonists" (nuts, raisins,salt) Eating these foods can cause an outbreak.

    Second to prevent outbreaks I ALWAYS keep Blistex medicated lip balm on my lips. It has decreased my outbreaks to only 1-2 a year (down from as many as once a month)

    Thirdly if you do get an outbreak taking Lysine at the first tingle should stop it but other things to help after the blister pops is Hydrogen pexoride and antibiotic ointment, one even come with Lysine. Also there is a Lysine ointment with teatree oil which is good. Put those on the sore and it will help heal it quicker.

    Lastly the very best thing I've found clear them up are anti viral meds and ointment, which can only be RXed by a Dr. They work great and quickly!

    Good luck
  7. whoachief

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    I agree if you use ice as soon as you feel the first tingle it does help. The only OTC thing I've ever used that worked well is Abreva. I feel it is expensive but it sure works!
  8. I couldn't stand it any longer, the pharmacist said abreva was expensive but really worked . $17.99 ! It better work fast at that price!

    I have heard of ice working also.
  9. padre

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    Zovirax - (not the generic name which is Acyclovir Topical) works for me. As I am insured and it is an RX I prefer it.
  10. dixiet

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    I've gotten them as long as I can remember. I also have a prescription for acyclovir. It is the best. BTW, I take grapeseed extract and I like it for the antioxidants it has, but I still get the cold sores.
  11. RatsWife

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    Ground yellow mustard seed. Buy a small container of it or use an old one hidden up in your spice cabinet. It will have to be thrown away once you've used it though but it's dirt cheap.

    Get a dozen or so cotton swabs.
    Pour the powder onto a piece of plastic wrap, about 1/2 teaspoonful.
    Add drops of water until you can form a thick paste.
    Take one cotton swab at a time and push the paste INTO the lesions.
    Turn the swab over, get more paste, put in over the other pasted area.
    Do this with a clean swab tip until a thick paste covers each lesion (which is a blister that has burst and is oozing).
    Any unbroken blisters should be poked with a sterile needle (I store mine in alcohol).
    Go read or watch TV until the paste has dried thoroughly and begins cracking loose.
    Use warm water to dampen paper towels or tissue and gently remove the powder.
    Don't rub the lesions though - wet the paste, press a tissue/towel to them, remove, toss in toilet, and repeat until all paste is removed.

    It will hurt. Alot.

    This home remedy is being studied - I'm sure to find someway to make it really expensive for those who get cold sores. It is also effective for genital herpes outbreaks, too.

    It is not a cure. It is most effective at the onset of an outbreak, even before there are actual blisters appearing -- just that hotness that foretells an upcoming outbreak.

    It has worked for everyone I know and to whom I've shared it with. I've done it on my 2nd outbreak about 22 years ago and never had another occurrence. That outbreak was over in 2 days.

    A friend at church has it so badly it had encompassed her lips and nostrils. She said she screamed when she applied it but it worked when nothing the doctors could offer helped.

    Alcohol would work as well as bleach, I'd imagine. Both can destroy viruses on contact but the alcohol won't poison you like bleach can.

    The mustard powder does burn though. I can't lie about that.

    Good Luck!

    Gentle Hugs,
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  12. RunningAntelope

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    Valtrex works extremely quickly and effectively if you catch the outbreak at the very beginning (before the blisters really bulge). It's about the only thing I've every tried that significantly mitigates the outbreak.
  13. The abreva is working really good so far. You have to use it 5 times a day and is guaranteed. It ought to work good at $17.99 (at walgreens) ! The tube is itty bitty.
  14. Catseye

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    Like justlooking said, lysine is the best. It prevents herpes viral replication. You can take it orally, like maybe 500 mg 3x per day, or break open the capsule and make a paste and put it on. For maximum fighting power, do both. Also, real melissa and rose essential oils are both excellent, but the lysine is much cheaper. Good oils are about $100 for little bottles. If you can get the oil on it or the lysine pills in you at the first sign of a tickle, you can stop it before it even starts. Once it has started, these will still make it go away pretty fast and stop bothering you so much.

    Incidentally, foods high in arginine encourage viral replication of the virus, so if you eat nuts or seeds, high arginine foods, you should take some lysine when you eat them. That's because both of these amino acids, arginine which encourages replication and lysine which halts it, both compete for receptors in the body. If you take lysine when you eat nuts, the lysine will block the receptors so you won't absorb as much of the arginine and you will stop the virus from multiplying and starting a sore.
  15. Salix

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    if applied topically you'd have the lemon balm anti herpes properties and alcohol drying ones. It stings a bit but works for me. You can also ingest it, and if you don't want to remove the alcohol content you can vapourise it off in a bain marie type arrangement, i.e. by placing the glass with your tincture dose in another container and surrounding with very warm, but not boiling water. You'll see the alchol evaporate.

    For treating herpes viruses, a herb grower told me it's imperative that the melissa tinture is made from the FRESH herb (not dried). Herb Pharm make one, and I'm having my first go at making my own.

    This way someone on yahoo cfsmexperimental successfully reduced her EBV titres, I think to normal.

  16. lgp

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    Just so you know...I was always getting sores in my mouth and on my lips after going to the dentist. It turned out that I am allergic to latex!! He always uses non-latex gloves now.

    Also, my mouth will break out badly in sores if I chew cinnamon gum or eat any kind of cinnamon candy--could be the cinnamon or the red dye; who knows. And if my mouth breaks out, I am usually at risk for flaring. Needless to say I avoid this stuff as well.

    I don't know if any of this pertains to you, but I thought I'd pass it along.


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