Cold Sores

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    I need some advice... I went to the optician today and it looked like she had a cold sore (I wasn't sure as I don't get them - and I've never been infected), so I just looked it up on the net and apparently the virus gets in through your skin and also you shouldn't touch your eyes if you have a sore... well she was poking round in them for ages!!! She didn't wash her hands before she touched them, either.

    Well when I say she was poking round, I mean she was lifting my eyelids and putting drops in and stuff (I obviously rubbed my eyes after the drops, too). Didn't touch the membrane or anything.

    I'm really worried now as I know the initial cold sore infection can be hell, and given the state of me at the moment it's the last thing I need. Just phoned the NHS helpline for advice but they've all gone home now.

    I *could* be wrong that it was a sore.
    It kinda looked like the one on the left, here. Like a small red bump. I think it was healing and wasn't oozy, though.

    I'm so angry. If I get herpes, she is going to be OWNED.

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