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    this is probably not the correct section to be posting this in but im just not sure. i have developed cold sores just below my nose, they usually appear on or around the mouth. they are at the scab stage right now and im hoping they will fade away soon, i just want to know how long they usually last for? and what can i do to get rid of them quicker? i was told to use tea tree oil which is what i am doing. its quite an embarrassing problem and i just want them gone as soon as possible. i get very paranoid and i just want my smooth skin back again, not blistery and scabby. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I haven't founde anything to shorten the time once the sore is in the scab stage. I get 3-4 per year (more if I go in the sun or am under lots of stress), so I have asked my pcp about them, and he has prescribed Denavir. Abreva is also available OTC, but doesn't work quite as well as the prescription Devavir does for me. The trick is to have it on hand so when you very first feel the beginning "tingling" stage of a forthcoming sore, you immediately start applying every 2 hours. The cold sore will definitely be gone much faster and be less severe than otherwise. I have not tried tee tree oil myself. You didn't mention whether or not it has helped. Did it?
    By the way, since "cold sores" are actually a herpes simplex virus, the virus will always be in your system. It remains dormant until sometheing triggers the virus to become active. A compromised immune sytem will do it, as will stress, sun, certain foods for some, etc. Good luck with a fast recovery. I hate them, also, as they are so visible.
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    My sister gets cold sores often. The best deterent she has found is to ICE the area as soon as you feel the first tingle. This does not get rid of the blister, but it makes it much smaller, and less noticable, and less painful.

    Good luck.

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    Taking lysine every day can keep you from ever getting a cold sore. My DH gets them occasionally - only when he forgets and goes off lysine for a few weeks or so. If he starts to get one, he'll do a 'loading dose' of 2000mg (yes, two thousand) for 2-3 days, then drop to 1000mg a day for maintenance. The very few times he's felt that 'tingling' of one starting, he immediately bumps up the lysine to 2000mg again.

    I've never gotten one (knock on wood) but I make sure to take lysine almost every day. Hope I didn't just jinx myself!