cold turkey with oxy

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by givemethebrain, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. givemethebrain

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    HI All,
    Id like to hear of anyone having to cold turkey from oxycontin due to insurance situation.esp medicaid
    what symptoms did you have..I was forced to go directly onto methadose.. baaaaad reaction.. I wasnt sure if the problems i was having were from the methadose and combo of cold turkey. the morphine was a joke too..

  2. coyote

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    like a good idea to me. I think you should refer the problems to your doctor. Anytime I had to come off a drug, I did it under a dr.s supervision, as one can run into problems with it.
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    My mother just went thru this as well. She had to go to a rehab center for little over a week to detox. Her docs will no longer give her narcotics, only Methadone. Is that the same as Methadose? What types of reactions are you having? The Morphine didn't work either? I have seen first had what can happen when you go off Oxy cold turkey, and its not pretty. I would definatly talk to your doc and work something out. It is very dangerous to go off of everything for pain at once. My mother's only real problem with Meth is that she is sleeping ALL THE TIME!! She hates it. But she dosen't have any other choice right now.