Cold Weather Affecting Me So Much!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RENA0909, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. RENA0909

    RENA0909 New Member

    I live in Liverpool England and I am freezing!!!!

    We have had such a bad winter and it has been so cold I have been indoors for 2 months.
    I wear hats and scarves because I get so cold(even with heating on full blast all day)and I am fed up!!!!!

    We have had a few sunny days now and then but we are back to frost and snow again today.

    The cold increases my pain and everywhere creaks and cracks lol.

    This is worst winter we have had in England for years.Roll on spring(which is still cold here lol)


  2. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Oh, Rena, I couldn't agree with your more!

    The part of the States that I live in has been really cold and snowy. I've been in the house all winter, too.

    I keep a sweater on about all of the time because our house is so cold. We live in a big, two-story 100-yr old farmhouse and it's hard to keep it warm, even with fairly new windows, etc.
    We keep the thermostat set at 68-70 degrees and the cost of the bottled gas heat for the furnace is still $450/month! I'd hate to see what it would be if we kept it any higher!

    I often sit with a heating pad on low behind my low back. It helps my back pain and also keeps me warm. But we just got a notice that our electric bills are going up by 25% beginning Feb. 1st. So, I might have to cut that out, too!

    When sitting, I also have a "throw" (small blanket) across my lap and legs to keep them warm and from aching.

    This has been one pretty cold and snowy winter. The last few winters have not been bad. Global warming had affected them permanently I had thought until this winter.

    The cold and dampness from the snow, etc. also increase my pain level.

    Let's hear that drum roll for spring everyone!! Our springs are really pleasant ... my favorite of our four seasons!

    Any other hints from others on keeping warm? The only one that I can think of now is that when we have anything cooking in the oven and take it out, we turn the oven off and leave the door cracked to let the heat out.
  3. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member

    I am SO TEMPTED to move to a sunny, warm state, although even Florida has been cold this winter. I heard recently that there was snow in 48 of the 50 states at the same time.

    My pain is greatly, greatly increased with the cold. I am so very, very weak. I recently discovered I have Raynaud's, and am constantly cold and battling that.

    I have found something that relieves it for a while, but not everybody can take it... I take fever baths, with water temp at about 108 degrees. I put a bag of ice on my head, and make sure to have plenty of water to drink during the bath.

    I found that when I first started taking them, I couldn't stand for the water to be much warmer than 95 degrees, but as time went on, I knew what to expect, and I began to be able to tolerate higher temps.

    I stay in the bath for 30 - 45 min., and cool down for 15 min. or more. Then I rest for at least 30 min. Every time except once, I made sure that someone was at home with me in case I felt light-headed. (One of my friends fainted when she tried hydrotherapy - too hot too soon.)

    My oral temp usually reaches 102 to 103 degrees during the fever bath. It's somewhat intense, but it really, really relieves both the cold and also boosts the immune system. I'm usually o.k. temp wise (in other words, I'm not so miserably cold) for a couple of hours after a fever bath, and sometimes I even have to remove some layers because I feel too warm!

    Another thing I often do is drink a big cup of hot tea! It not only temporarily makes me feel warmer, but the mug in my hands feels so wonderful!

    I hope this helps! I pray we can all find ways to make it through the winter... maybe we should start a resort in Hawaii or somewhere warm for those of us with CFIDS/FMS! What would we call it? I can't think of anything clever right now...

    Much ??? to ya'll!

  4. hensue

    hensue New Member

    I live 30 miles north of the florida line and I complained about the weather. We saw snow for once in 15 years.

    It is rough on me I do not know how all of you do it. Just the cloud's alone are depressing.
    Add the pain of cold and brr!

    I pray all of you get some relief very soon.

    Did some one say global warning?? I better hush
  5. RENA0808

    RENA0808 Member

    I wear mens thermal underwear all the time.They are much thicker than womens and also the fleeciest socks and fluffy slippers in the world lol!
    And have loads of warm PJs and jogging suits that are comfortable and cosy.

    We have full size thick fleece winter throws on our 2 sofas and I just pull them over me when it is too cold.I always suffer from cold on my neck so I wear a scarf.I have to plug up the keyhole in the front door because the draught coming through that causes me pain!!
    I am VERY sensitive!

    I also use those heat pads that you can warm up in the microwave for 2 minutes.They are great for backs and shoulders.I think you can use rice in a sock if you dont have any(not cooked tho lol).

    I only ever wear fleecy stuff to get me through the winters here.Gloves and hats and any kind of clothes that feel comfortable.

    When the weather is warmer I wear shorts and t-shirts because I get so HOT!!!! It is hard having no control over body temperature....both can cause pain but the winter is the hardest!

    Take care and stay warm


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